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  • prisonet prisonet Jul 30, 2001 4:09 PM Flag


    I give ol' aw009 a hard time because he's a little low on IQ but some of his observations are noteworthy as far as CCA is concerned. Here's why.

    1. CCA is well aware that the prisoner population is shrinking and are quietly downsizing to accomodate their empty beds mostly, by selling them off. They know the population will stablize and their beds will be filled. They are gearing for the fed inmates as long as Congress doesn't meddle in the already established laws of privatizing some fed beds.

    2. Some state prison systems with empty beds will take on the excess populations of other states.

    3. CCA, Wackenhut, Cornell, Management and Training and to a lesser extent, CiviGenics are the ones to watch domestically. Cornell, despite their miserable failure at juvenile corrections in Georgia, have slowly captured many juvenile beds more so, than CSC's subsidiary, YSI. Cornell, MTC, CCA, and Wackenhut have spent big bucks recruiting and retaining corrections oriented corporate and middle managers. Cornell has been the most consistent in this area as they mostly hire ex-feds for their adult operations. If you view CSC, oldtimers run the company and have little clues in prison operations.

    4. CSC is saddled with lawsuits that make big headlines and this scares investors. No one is minding the store. IMHO, it almost appears if they are on the block, again. One wonders why the thread doesn't break.