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  • blazedhorse blazedhorse Feb 15, 2005 10:25 AM Flag

    My friends: dropping in to say don't

    forget about NWAU. More news out today. This boat is starting to go. IMHO, hold for a couple of months and you shall be rewarded. good luck , Blazedhorseman

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    • cabos,

      I don't think you've got too far to wait....
      I mean, where's the stock going back down to?They just earned .21 and the future looks good. there's just a lot for sale, but look - if people were buying so much at 8 and 8.25 and 8.50 there's no reason not to buy it all up here (or close to here). I keep buying as it goes lower cuz although I won't buy all at the bottom, I'm afraid when it turns it's gonna go pretty fast.

    • well u were lucky and i was out of town.
      have too many shares at 8 bucks. id be embarrassed to say.
      i hope u are right stock, but without something from this company i dont see any support.

      its too late to bail now.
      this is one blow im going to have to ride out

    • true, I thought it'd close better. I can't deny that.
      I DO think we're very close to a low though - if you wanaa call it a moderate correction, then fine. Either way, I think it's a good buy in this area. I didn't hold it at 8.50 -started re-buying at 7.05

    • okay u win.

      closed at 6.71

      u think thats good?

      slight correction, eh?

      down form 8.50?

      no buyers

      and we did see where it closed, didnt we?

      not quite the secenerio u alluded to though, eh pro?

    • 6.59 is 100 shares after hours...Last trade was 6.71 Learn how to read the close. Then wait for tomorrow.

    • I love this lack of activity.

      Longs are investors and are locked in waiting for the value to come out over the next three quarters. They are happy to suffer the 10% down draft over the next couple of months to reap the 100%+ reward.

      There are a few long speculators that are whining on here everyday and they will cover when they reach their original buy price. They are our collar holding the price whereit is. They will be gone when the shorts rush to get out soon.

      Then there are the shorts speculators Short Term Hot money that won't want to stay around to long (unless they are newbies, who will get burned by April)

      They won't want to sit around holding their position paying interest on their margin and holding onto dead money for a couple of months because the inactivity is killing them.. All those better shorting shares out there that they can't short because they are tied up here. DEAD MONEY for the speculators is a bad thing. They will have to try and buy this sucker back if they want to make any money on these $$$ because FORD has lost its volatility and volume. There will soon be a massive short squeeze as they rush to buy from the diminishing number of sellers. Tic Toc Tic Toc. The sound of their profits in other opportunities slippping away!!!!

    • probable dilution and no news

      mot launches huge

      no follow up form ford.

      questions about mgmt integrity.

      over a million shres that could be put out on open market is the killer

      they could kill this low floater in a sec.

      holding FORD is like walking around with a safe hanging over your head.

      we need some assurance/guidence.

      while i agree with possible rev growth
      i think black holes scare most people into going other places or selling

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