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  • whiplash_investor whiplash_investor Feb 1, 2006 2:20 PM Flag

    Bashers are at It Again


    Longs or potential Longs - Beware of bashers and comments from some shorts. They operate quite often with total lies and even more often from pure unsubstantiated conjecture. Today, it appears, they've decided to attack FORD mgmt and as usual without any proof. They simply throw ideas out hoping to scare potential investors and current longs. So Longs, to be fair, let's throw this idea out, "Coach (COH) has agreed to purchase FORD for $19/share, announcement in next few days." Of course, I don't know this (though concept is entirely possible given cash available to Coach), so it's pure conjecture, and the equivalent of what the some shorts and all bashers are doing. So everytime, you see a negative comment without a link to prove it, give 'em back a taste of their own medicine, then smile, because very soon you'll be doing some serious laughing at the tune of the rally monkey.

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