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  • jalexander611 jalexander611 May 28, 2010 12:39 PM Flag

    163500 Shares Just Sold-Yikes

    Did you just see that sale of 163,500 shares. Please read my previous post. Time to sell.

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    • i actually did see that sale... This is definitely a red flag, i posted the sale up, the reasons why i'm short like the balance sheet, the article where someone bought $538,000 on May 13th just before it dipped and now someone selling the $817,000 today. The fact the volume that pushed it up at the end of the day was ultra weak, where I was short, and where my target is, $4.50's within the next week, yet i covered because it was going to close green today and sometimes a stock that closes green leads up to a gap up and further run, sadly though it gapped down after hours. - on the blog and been alerting it on twitter which is on the blog.

      Careful if your long... the big boys are keeping the price up and scaring shorts and intriguing longs in order to sell their hefty positions boys.

      It's just another manipulated stock in the stock market, get used to it.

    • Hard to say until we see the changes in the major holders page. We obviously have a net increase in short positions in this stock for the past couple of months. And considering that the multi year low is relatively recent I think we can start to figure that a majority of the short position is now recent. Logically I can understand your argument about why it is not a good idea to short that big, but the stock market has become more like a casino these days and some of those mentalities have also seen a rise. Seriously how many shorts could have possibly have stayed in when this stock hit a buck and a half with assets in the 2s? I wouldn't be surprised if the net of short position were to eclipse half a million shares in the next month or two. I'm sure they were none to pleased to see stock only lose 30 cents on a 150k dump. Look at the original post in this thread. You bet their scared!

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      • You seem very knowledgable on FORD and trading. I just sold FORD after holding it for 5 yrs!! YIKES, finally broke even, not happy but that is it.
        Can I now short this stock? OR is there a "rule" that I can't do that? I remember something about selling and buying or buying and selling and so forth within a certain amount of time, but it escapes me.
        thank you in advance for your informaiton.

    • How's that short working out for you? It looks to me like the market has a different take on FORD than you do...

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