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  • trvonmarteen trvonmarteen Feb 13, 2013 12:09 PM Flag

    Looks like the parade of negativity on Ihub isnt being believed, as the stock

    continues to float upward. They seem to repost the same things over and over, while the stock is on a steady climb. Now that they are starting to receive profits, and no longer needing to dilute shares, the stock seems to be gaining interest. So much for 5 and 4 shares for a penny. If this keeps up, its not even going to be 3, 2, or even 1, for a penny soon. I still don't plan to buy shares, but the company seems to be moving in the right direction, finally. The 4 on Ihub are having a hard time accepting that. What will rock, gc, rob, and flat do if this insurance company signs on? They are being left behind while they desperately try to consume the boards flow. With all that effort daily, its good that at least one of them doesn't work for his money, but that his money works for him. Despite the fact that the rest combined, who do work for their money, have a fraction of the efforts, of just one.

    Now for two weeks, its Joel and Ronnie 2, Iscrubs 0.

    I think the deal being worked with this insurance company is going to light up this stock. So even though I won't participate due to my past losses with Joel's involvement, it would be nice to see investors sharing some vindication by experiencing huge gains. If the support of filing complaints or bringing this to people's attention has allowed better transparency, perfect. If it's caused magnification to hold their actions to legitimate ones, it's well worth it. Especially, if investor's start seeing decent returns due to that legitimacy. I've stated before, it's not the company or it's product that is bad. Cash strapped CEO's are easy victims of these Noel types. So if they've learned, and changed for the better, then a good product deserves it's futiure sucess. I think the Iscrubbers will be spinning out of control if MDHI signs this big insurance deal. That will require a lot more than just being able to repost their negative campaign. Any upward's climb after siging the deal, would not be affected by just being able to post a lot. It should be very entertaining to watch them try though.

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    • if you don't plan to buy any shares, why the big essay?

      • 2 Replies to alwood1st
      • He is trying to sound knowledgeable , hoping some innocent victim will come along and buy shares.
        Take a casual look at his misspelling and word misuse, and see if the pattern fits this stock's one and only pumper. He spends more time making up new aliases than anyone else spends "bashing" the stock.

      • Essay? I dont know how long it takes to you type a paragraph, but its strictly entertainment for me here. There's no confusion of my stance here. One line, or two, I won't buy this either way. It's doing ok right now, but we've all seen that they can dump with no regards to anyone. That won't matter to me if we don't see it again either. My time on here is very very short, as everyone can see. But i'm not, not working for my money. So this week, that's my eneteratinment subject. I also don't spend my time here being a fan one day and a debbie d the next. So just having you respond to my post, made today's post, that much more enjoyable for me. These are pinksheets. No one takes them serious. Except those who do, and that is your first indication of who is unaware of the situation they are in. Anyone taking anything serious that ends in .pk, should go and try to understand the very basics of basics of .pk's. Board was quiet, so it's good to pull the inexperienced one's out of hiding.

        Why are you here? Why post if you are not a shareholder? Why this, why that? Some of the classics. Then there are some who have shared more than once, that the purpose is for entertainment, every now and again. Only to keep getting those ole emotion filled posters to show their pinksheet ignorance. Until some learn the basic's of these, they shouldnt be in real cash accounts, but practice ones, like you see with online gambling or gaming. But i'll entertain your continuous follow up questions, to answers that exist everywhere on here. At least for the few minutes I spend here and there.

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