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  • isgrig1982 isgrig1982 Jan 18, 2006 5:21 PM Flag

    Im a newbie...

    To this stock, I am REALLY interested in buying, and Im sure everyone here is gonna tell me to buy, but first, tell me why I should buy it. I want to understand what this company is doing.


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    • I bought the stock bofore Christmas and received a Roomba vacuum for Christmas, liked it so much I bought a second one. I don't think you will be sorry if you buy this stock and hold it and I know you will love the product if you buy it.

    • Robotics is the future. This company is making millions selling its bomb sweep robots to the government and to the Public to sweep and clean their homes. I bought the stock almost immediately after I purchased my Romba at SAMs club for $199. The thing is fantastic! It really works great. I managed to get four people at work to buy them and they love them too! They are spreading like wild fire! Scooba will now wash and dry your hard floors for you and I'm sure will work just as well as Romba! Just wait until their earnings come out the stock will blast off into the $40's. This is the future the writing is on the wall! The question you should be asking yourself is why wouldn't you buy the stock. Look at ISRG a similar story where robots are invading and making surgery more accurate, less invasive, less painful for patients and ultimately less expensive for the insurance companies. Robots!

    • Go to their web and buy one of their Robotic Vacuum's (only about $300) then decide if you want to buy the stock.

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      • Well thanks for all the info, I did buy yesterday before I ever heard anything from anyone on this board, but I already felt good about it. Wish I had waited till today, but oh well, Im confident this stock will soon take off. I like the comparison to ISRG. My uncle bought it at $70, never dreaming it would do what it has done. I realistically don't expect that from IRBT, but you never know. Robotics is the future, and sooner or later having a robot in your home or at work is gonna be just as common as having a TV or radio, that I am sure of. Luckly we are in on the ground floor of this stock, and I can't wait for the ride up!!!

      • If you are as smart with your investment decisions as your descretionary spending you will not go to the IRBT web sit and buy your unit but to Linen's and Things and use the 20% online coupon code 948700000000 and save more money to invest into the company :)

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