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  • kandbstockshootout kandbstockshootout Apr 26, 2007 10:06 AM Flag

    re: ouch looks really bad

    skizelev81 wrote: "at my first impression...larger loss than last year, almost ZERO revenue growth, weak gross margins...havent seen the guidance yet though...damn if the guidance is NOT exceptional, irbt will be down 20-30% tomorrow... "

    Is it safe to say that this person should not be allowed to ever post anything again, your prediction was off by 23-33% and that means you are the worst poster/prognosticator ever. But I'm sure you will change your user name and keep posting mularky. Sheesh!

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    • LOL, that was indeed an amusing example. Fact is, Im NOT Jewish, even though almost everyone around me is and has been ever since my business school days, so perhaps I've engulfed some of the same ideology. But the bottom line is that I was born in Russia and am as far from the Jewish faith as it gets.

    • Skis,

      Well my guess is that you are Jewish. Most Jews are highly educated and make good money but they tend to be Liberal. I know I have had many talks with my Step-Mother (she is Jewish) . Our last talk was that I had no problem with Women being Firemen (women) if they could pass the same physical that the guys have to. I think that Men had to be able to carry 120 lbs for a certain distance. Firemen sometimes have to carry people out of burning buildings. Anyway they changed it that the Women only had to drag a 120 lb person out of a building. I said," I would rather be carried by a man than dragged by a woman." I was kind of making a joke but my Liberal/Feminist Step Mother didn't think it was funny. <G> There is some logic to it. If a man gets tired he could start dragging you out. If a woman got tired, I guess she could leave you in the fire and get help. <G>

      Happy Trails,

    • "Nothing more to say on this topic... "

      Oooooh. okay.

      1. The only reason you would provide such an obscure point of reference is because that is probably your site.

      Especially because the host site is just so - home-townish. You really think everyone else is just not as smart as you - don't you?

      2. The site is also probably yours because - Under the David Roper sub-directory - there is absolutely 0 reference to economics.

      It also fits with your stated ideals posted here. Ie. Limosine elitist.

      Why you think I we care about the opinion of some random individual rather than an economist - I just can't understand.

      Thank you though...At least I don't have to wonder if I should take you seriously.

    • Skis, so you have provided 2 sources for your point of view, Borat and this random essay. Overall the essay is pretty weak. We could argue points back and forth, but only because the essay raises so many more questions than it answers. But what do you expect from a paper with a thesis including: "Is it because that the economy performs better when Republicans are in power". I got a kick out of the bit at the end that said soemtimes there are surpluses under democratic presidents, and that leaves more money to invest in the economy. That couldn't be further from the truth. By definition, a surplus is taken out of the economy through taxes, and then not even invested (read spent) on a government program. Will it be returned to the people? It is unlikely. Will it be "invested in the economy"? About as unlikely.

    • "Lastly, people on this board should know that I work in the financial industry and am a high net worth individual, so I should be as far away from the liberal agenda as it gets, and totally support many of the Republican's economic policies. Too bad theyre bringing us to the demise of our nation in the eyes of the rest of the world."

      Skis, as Dimo said, nobody cares about your job or wealth. What it and other comments tells me is that you have an elementary understanding of politics (and apparently I have nothing better to do than tell you). Rich people are repubublicans? A tired sterotype at best. Did you ever notice that the midwest is solidly red on election night and the coasts, which are wealthier, are blue? I am not even trying to argue a specific point with you, because frankly, I don't think you have one. Good for you, you picked up on and internalized the fact that most of the country is unhappy with the Republican party. Way to go!

    • Skis,

      Let's talk some truth. Many of the Demorats were scared after 911 and said the right things. IE They knew the Country was for revenge and most of the Demorats jumped on the war bandwagon. They let Cindy Shehan and the NY times keep hitting and hitting the war/President Bush. (I noticed you couldn't say PRESIDENT Bush) The NY Times goes all over the World. President Bush made the mistake of not fighting against this onslaught as he tried to keep us together during this war. So IMO the Demorats won by default. No doubt Hillary would renounce her war vote in a second if not for the general election in 2008! LOL

      F the World, I want to get off! :o)
      DJ, I think this is the quote you were talking about:
      A little neglect may breed mischief; for want of a nail the shoe was lost; for want of a shoe the horse was lost; for want of a horse the rider was lost; for want of the rider the battle was lost. - Ben Franklin

    • "Lastly, people on this board should know that I work in the financial industry and am a high net worth individual, so I should be as far away from the liberal agenda as it gets, "

      I personally don't give a rats ass what your net worth is. I'm sure people here make more and less than you. So f-ing what. By nature you needed to bring it up sort of says something.

      "so I should be as far away from the liberal agenda as it gets, and totally support many of the Republican's economic policies."

      That is just an easy way to say "I'm a liberal - but I don't mind making money off the things I despise".

    • yea a typical response if you know what I mean...

    • Move to Canada?

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