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  • Networthdev Networthdev Jul 23, 2011 8:45 AM Flag

    BEST iRobot Medical acquisition

    Berkeley Bionics

    Yahoo will not post link, if interested, Google story title from Denver Post

    "Bionic" legs move paraplegics' lives to delirious heights

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    • yes very hard to judge day to day or even qtr to qtr... but if you got a solid company no matter what over a 5-10 year span its going to go up... its just a matter of time.

    • Actually you have done most of the posting today.

      BB is a great technology, as I said this morning.

      Your typing style is still crass.

      However with earnings like this to sleep on..who cares?

      Peace, dude.


    • Ah, I thought that would bring you out.

      No, "not a silly paid pumper", but I PROMISE a significant investor.

      Be kind to BB. I'm NOT done.

    • Ok, I assume that "General" is some sort of limp-wristed slap in my direction. Ouch!

      However the fantastic earnings and positive outlook eclipse this pointless and repetitive thread, so this will be my last musings on the matter.

      Networthdev, you are clearly not just a "silly paid pumper"... you may be a visionary investor, but unfortunately your vision is not shared by others. You have been pushing and ranting (that is what capital letters look like) about BB for months. On a previous thread about BB, I suggested you contact IRBT management and press them (not us!) to look at BB. Did you? Did they?

      You are really passionate about the potential value of BB to IRBT. That is great. Colin might blow that 120m bucks on it tomorrow and you would have been proven right. But your endless posts here would have had absolutely nothing, nada, zip, to do with the decision process. "A man's got to know his limitations".

      Lastly, your crass typing style is not what makes America "great". It is the willingness of others here to read your posts and not hit "Ignore" that makes America great. Tolerance negating arrogance, in essence.

      Conversation over, as the kids say.

      Good luck longs, tomorrow should be a good day.


    • but ask isrg once your a hit you're a "hit" :)

      anyways i trust goog will come up with some solid applications

    • No thoughts, General?

    • I never know what to expect, especially these days. Have had companies with GREAT numbers and not so great reaction, and companies with not so great numbers and GEAT reaction??

      Long term think we are fine, and fingers crossed for the short term :-)


    • Would be nice and hope you are correct. Hospitals in general are skeptical of the "we can cut so many bodies" argument, but lets hope they put some HARD numbers together to present. Other problem is, hospitals are SLOW purchasers, but then they have some experience with that selling to the government. :-)

    • replace nurses... well not all of them... but at least the need for "more"... a nurse makes what 75-125K per year probably? thats all the ROI they need to justify...

      6500 hospitals and say a replacement of 10 per hospital out of 100's or even 1000's of staff... thats 65000 units.

    • thank you networth and m32fan.......excellent points on both sides..... and in the end I see networths point.......i can see IRBT acquring the technology for the the potential military benefits.
      thoughts on earnings this after....? think it will it be another reaction similar to april 26?

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