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  • b_radford10 b_radford10 Feb 17, 2012 6:06 PM Flag

    Heads-Up, Hands-free operation of UGVs

    Seminar today at UPenn by iRobot Principal Scientist Chris Geyer.

    "Today, most commercially available UGVs use teleoperation for control. Under teleoperation, users’ hands are tied up holding a hand-held controller to operate the UGV, and their attention is focused on what the robot is doing. In this talk, I will describe iRobot’s work on an alternative to teleoperation called Heads-up, Hands-free Operation, which allows an operator to control a UGV using operator following behaviors and a gesture interface. We explore whether Heads-up, Hands-free Operation is an improvement over teleoperation. In a study of 30 participants, we found that when operators used these modes of interaction, they performed missions faster, they could recall their surroundings better, and they had a lower cognitive load than they did when they teleoperated the robot. Heads-up, Hands-free Operation is enabled through the use of embedded computer vision technologies."

    More progress in turning the military robot into more of a "hunting dog" type partner rather than a high maintenance radio controlled vehicle.

    If anyone finds a video of the presentation, please post the link.

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    • Moores law

      • 1 Reply to joejee02
      • More is law.

        Use many semi-autonomous platforms to distract and engage the bad guys attention while giving you additional SA to "Identify, Fix and Kill".

        This is what the Israelis did in 1982 in Bekaa Valley with 1st Gen UAVs. Saturate enemy air defences, located their strong points, identify weak spots, exploit that knowledge in real time(ie reloading windows) to take down the system.

        Battle buddies (SUGV/Warrior/FirstLook) will do this on a room by room, house by house, block by block, scalable assault plan in future wars. They do not need to be weaponized to achieve this force multiplication effect.

        Just the same way the quant algos don't freeze or panic in the face of market news, the bots don't react to flashbangs, CS gas or smoke granades. It takes a huge amount of training to get people to suppress their instincts in such situations.

        But as it is my day off. What I really want is a Irobot product to give the lawn the first trim of the 2012, go empty the cuttings in a neat pile, and with a built in Almanac (like my Garmin Sat Nav) to glide over to my easychair at sunset (+-60secs) and invite me, (voice sample of Bergeman, Stone, Russo or Jolie) to pour myself a well earned cocktail!

        Now that would be a solid gold bankable AI...

        Cheers All

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