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  • b_radford10 b_radford10 May 8, 2013 11:33 PM Flag

    Is SUGV officially dead?

    If you google the words "pom/bes" and "sugv", the first result is a pdf file of Budget Activity 5A of the Army's 2014 budget, published 4/10/2013.

    On page 234, you find this paragraph: "The POM/BES [Program Objectives Memorandum / Budget Estimate Submission] 2014-2018 removed all funding for SUGV OPA [Other Procurement, Army] and RDTE [Research, Development, Test & Evaluation]. The Program Manager briefed the Army Acquisition Executive on 10 Aug 12 and 04 Oct 12 resulting in a decision that the Army would cease work on the SUGV RDTE program and close out all efforts by May 2013."

    You will then note that, indeed, all funding for SUGV for FY2014 and future years has been zeroed out.

    While we've heard lots from IRobot about difficulties in the D&S (G&I) business, I don't recall that they've actually said that the SUGV program was being terminated. There is a note in the most recent 10K that BCTM contract research is funded only through April 2013.

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    • From the CC, i don't understand it's "dead" just uncertain... Here is the part discussing it:

      Josephine Millward - Benchmark Company
      Sounds good. Can you give us an update on the DoD thinking and strategy for the SUGV? As you know the army didn't request any additional funding in the President's '14 budget request for unmanned ground vehicle. So what happens to the money from fiscal year '12 and '13 for SUGV, and do you think this program could be cancelled?

      Colin Angle - Chairman & CEO
      So where we're right now is that there have been multiple unmanned ground vehicle platforms designed for similar missions. And the army has recognized this and requested a thorough review of requirements for unmanned systems that are SUGV class. So the review is ongoing and most likely a new competition around a new set of requirements will take place in the next few years, until the new requirement is approved and funded we expect the government to continue to support and use the field of SUGV systems they currently have but we are not currently modeling or expecting the SUGV dollars to continue to flow for development of that program. So I think that we didn't believe those numbers in the President's budget would materialize, we continue to believe that.

      Josephine Millward - Benchmark Company
      Do you think -- so should we think about Defense stabilizing next year or could it go down further?

      Colin Angle - Chairman & CEO
      You're getting ahead of the curve. I think that we believe strongly in the long-term potential for D&S, but are not commenting on our expectations for next year at t

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