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  • stevie44kent stevie44kent Jan 19, 2005 10:21 PM Flag

    About kevin.

    Tug boat capt. probly a fisherman too. I am so ashamed. Interesting career path though. Maybe I could be a WALL STREET ANALIST! That would sound good when I was hittin on some honey at the bar. "yeah baby, I used to pilot my 18 foot boat into 15 foot waves to get to the fishin grounds." But I decided I needed to do something much more exciting with my life. " So now I am on Wallstreet"!!

    Kevin Dede, CFA: Senior Vice President, Equity Research
    Mr. Dede joined Merriman Curhan Ford & Co. in February 2003 as an Equity Research Analyst in wireless telecommunications. For more than 10 years prior to MCF, he held investment research positions at several investment banking companies, including Wells Fargo Van Kasper, Montgomery Securities, and Prudential Securities.

    Kevin remains an active member of The Security Analysts of San Francisco and belongs to many telecommunications- related industry groups. Besides generating research in his previous positions, he was also a supervisory analyst at Wells Fargo and Montgomery, holding the Series 7, 63, 16, and 24 security licenses.

    Kevin earned a dual BS in Marine Engineering and Nautical Science at the United States Merchant Marine Academy and won a fellowship to complete an MBA at San Francisco State University. Prior to working on Wall Street, he commanded an ocean-going tug and crew of six for four years. He has also raced bicycles at the highest amateur level (against professionals) and remains an avid cyclist and skier.

    Tug boat capt. is actually a high pressure, high paying job. Can't fault the guy for wanting something more.

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    • Then find out who told you.

    • These are all planned sales.
      Perfectly normal.

      I notice the net shares sold are 1 million.
      Who is selling these? Not much though

    • Alvarion has NEVER given '05 estimates. This guy is pulling numbers from the sky.

      The conference call will be interesting as usual.

    • Third Quarter Earnings

      SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 9, 2004--MCF Corporation (AMEX: MEM), the parent company of Merriman Curhan Ford & Co., a securities broker-dealer and investment bank, today reported revenue of $6,303,000 for the third quarter of 2004. This represents a 19% decline in revenue compared to the third quarter of 2003.

      His firm is in decline and wants some good stocks to acquire cheaply so they can sell it to us. Sell side research is always one quarter or very short sighted.

      ALVR = Diamonds and pearls

      Kevins Stock picks ARE weak

      Vyyo @ $7.34 and downgrade @ $5.44 = 26% loss
      Proxim buy @ ` $18 and downgrade ~ $ 3 = 83 %

      just a few we are better off not listening but investing.

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      • Kevin is just another idiot like all the rest of us. He is an analyst and spends his days researching companies.. it is his job. And he and his firm get paid the big bucks to figure out ups and downs of innvesting. But in the final analysis, Kevin is just another human being.. just another idiot like the rest of us. It used to be that average farts didn't have access to information. And most average farts still are retardos and don't have the knowledge or confidence to form or ask the right questions. And they don't do as much work researching investments as they do figuring out who might win the next football game. Idiots who are too brain dead to know they are idiots like the reast of us idiots. There is nothing wroing with being an idiot.. that is just human.

        Kevin has some valid concerns.. and finally expressed them after months of ALVR being in retreat. Idiot. But those concerns are not anything new except to people who invest based on analysts recommendations or idly and then are stunned when the recomendations are changed.

        We shall see if Kevin made a brilliant deduction or sparked a fire in a tinderbox of worry while there is no real concern. Results and track records are what investors should always look to more than what even the best analysts think.. including myself. If the quarter misses by a significant degree, then Kevin will look like a champ. If Alvarion comes in OK and guides on trend, then Kecvin will look like he didn't do his homework. Anaalysts get paid the big bucks to look under rocks and spend nights puzzling over the ether of complex business. So, is it fair to expect them to be super-idiots in their field? I hope so, we expect bus drivers to have exceptional driving records and boat captains not to hit the rocks.

    • Sounds like anybody can be a wireless analyst these days (no offense). If this call proves incorrect Mr Dede will be on a slow boat to China.

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