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  • wallstcrookbuster wallstcrookbuster May 2, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

    Appears whoever bought got shorted

    The manipulator wants to take it down; as I've said before..typical scam after RS.
    I suspect that if you watch to see when management files for free options, that will be the bottom; but I'm not sure how you can tell that with a foreign company. I can't seem to ever find that in SEC filings for a foreign company.

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    • But if that's the case, then management is likely complicit in this fraud. Looking forward to that 20-F filing. They should explain the particulars of the Wavion deal therein. Of course, most of it will be "manufactured". Too bad we won't see details on the Telrad deal until 2014. By that time, they may have already filed for BK and finished their coup. Funny how WiLan paid $20MM for some of their patents when, in theory, they could have gotten them for a helluva lot cheaper; but alas, they're not Israeli, hence they don't get that "special friend" deal. What a scam. Give the Alvarion shareholders the much need additional KY please.



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