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  • savethetrees1974 savethetrees1974 Jun 4, 2013 9:32 AM Flag

    Nice and orderly

    exit. It's happening and it's here. The mm's are giving you peeps the opportunity to exit so do it. You won't get a better opportunity going forward.

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    • Now you know you are telling one here; and you accuse me of doing that? This is simple piper action hedging & covering. The pipers and buddy MM can set the price as desired. Are you involved with this group? I hope not, with a name like save the trees. Surely someone with a name like that wouldn't really want to destroy this company or anything else for that matter. You're dealing with people trying to make a living, so if you want to "save the trees", why not try to "save the jobs" also?

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      • Nature doesn't lie, deceive and admonish shareholders. Fortunately I saw the light at $9 years ago that Friedman was nothing but a pumping liar, very much like group muhamo. And very much like Yacoby.............So when a company lies through their teeth, it is akin to loggers chopping down our forests without replanting. It's diabolical. So I will do everything I can within legal limits to demolish this company.