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  • pompino77turlut pompino77turlut Oct 19, 2013 10:26 AM Flag

    Why BioMarin And Catalyst Pharmaceuticals Partners Are Excited About Firdapse Current Phase III Trial

    I got it from SA.Answer from a suscriber.The message was written the 16 of August 2013...

    Biomarin has been charging exorbitant amounts for Firdapse in other countries for a drug which was already available for free from Jacobus Pharmaceutical of New Jersey. IF Firdapse differs from Jacobus' product at all, it is in the addition of a stability compound. The reason sales have lagged in the UK is because patients, neurologists and the UK Health Service have fought back against the ridiculous amount of money being charged by Biomarin for a product already being provided for much less money. Here's an example of a US company wanting to get protection for a drug that will cost the US taxpayers and individual patients huge amounts of money unnecessarily. I have used Jacobus' DAP for over 12 years and haven't paid anything for it. My physician applied for IND status to by able to prescribe it for me and monitors me at least bi-annually. I have had no deleterious side effects, and it has been a lifesaver to me and other LEMS patients. Your support of this company is in opposition to what would be best for the US and LEMS patients, and hopefully Jacobus will win the race to gain US FDA approval. And by the way, the only way LEMS is fatal is if you fall in the approx. 50% that has it as a result of an underlying malignancy.

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    • And of course, Jacobus, will continue to provide the drug for free (as mandated by the FDA now, as McEnany points out) especially with Catalyst out of the way. David and Laura Jacobus are not "Poseurs" but true altruists only concerned about helping patients and not making money. The hypocrisy is outlined well by a reader in the comments section of the AF article, i.e. comment by "PD---Fred Kellerman"

      On a more serious note, I think all of us on this Board wish you good health.

    • Next one :

      Biomarin (and now Catalyst) are attempting to make exorbitant amounts of money on a drug that has been in use and provided free of charge by Jacobus Pharmaceutical for in excess of 12 years - I know because I've used it that long. If they changed the formula at all, they may have added a stability component. There can be no good to come of Catalyst/Biomarin winning the race for FDA approval in the US. As you noted, there are very few patients with LEMS - ask yourself, why did Biomarin spend an exorbitant amount to purchase a formula from Huxley Pharmaceuticals for medication that was already available for free and has very few patients? Read about the reception in the UK from patients and, more importantly, neurologists. Also, LEMS isn't fatal unless you have an underlying neoplasm.

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