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  • boo_coo_momo boo_coo_momo Apr 4, 2013 9:33 PM Flag

    Maybe, Just Maybe (NewBies)

    Maybe the POPE can Ring the Bell in the Morning and say a Prayer for this Rut Stuck Pig for a Stock!!!
    He has been making news lately and this might be the Chance for HYMM to take all the Bad News on HYMM away for a while. Whats he got to lose, if he Invests, at 2 Bucks, he will be even for Years to come!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Maybe the Pope can pray for lost souls and cure ignorance....look in a mirror, like what you see?

    • Clearly, your task is to annoy, because either you are stoned all the time (or maybe not) and derive some sort of bizarre pleasure from it, or work for a MM, or you're a disgruntled human being for whatever reason... I hope you don't own a gun.

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      • This guy isa flippin idiot. Likely has no friends, sits in a chair all day and has his diapers changed every 6 hours, wet or not. Just like a horse fly is annoying so does this one bazz about until it can land on a cow dung and have it's version of a fine meal...... I say his mama jacked up when there was no abortion....If the boy gave facts or stated why Lode is worthless, fine, but incessant rantas, mispredictions, and some self ego bolstering is just pathetic.....crow/oink/moo/thun....move along get a life. The mine is up, it is running, they are making silver and gold close to 400 ounces a week. Has life become that jacked up since production started....did you lose money because you quit believeing?? This "PIS as you say has wings"...get some or get left at the train station.
        A PR about production is due shortly....that will send us up what.... a dime more or less.

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