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  • saildone saildone Apr 6, 2013 5:16 PM Flag


    I saw that you made a post and it was twice deleted. Don't know why what I saw of it was level headed and decent. Would like to travel out that way again sometime. Been there twice, once before GSPG existed and once a few years ago.

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    • Hello Sail. Yeah not sure why, I did copy and paste from that new ID momo... shows he's been harassing message boards here and on Raging Bull since 2002!?!? Maybe went over character limit? Just goes to show someone posting for 12+ years on multiple boards is doing it for more than a hobby.

      Nice to see you got to see at least the portion of the land being mined. It's a different landscape now. I live outside Reno, but I'm down that way at least once every week or so, family lives in SC. You can easily see the progress CMI is making. The resistance from people, mainly the handful in CRA, has also died down considerably. I guess that's the case when as a company you do what you say you are going to do. Don't get me wrong, those 10 or so CRA extremists are still there, but their voice is being drowned out over the sounds of mining and industry. Not sure if you check the local news around here, but a few weeks ago their latest argument was "brown snow" alongside the corner up above the canyon. Yes, brown snow, and yes sadfully it made our local news. (means crime rate is low though right?!?)

      Good afternoon Sir. Have a good day.

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      • Hah! Brown snow, maybe they got confused with Frank Zappa's warning about yellow snow. Yes, I saw the article. Read the paper online, once in a while.

        Don't see myself traveling that way for a while longer, maybe 2014.

        I don't know what the character limit is, haven't run up against that yet. I guess some folks live to harass others and be a nuisance in general. Sad really.

        Are you keeping track of that Gdiesel company out of Sparks? Seems like a winner.

        Good day.

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