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  • boo_coo_mamo boo_coo_mamo Sep 4, 2013 12:35 PM Flag

    Hey dizzyDrone!!! Your

    300 shr theory sure is working out for you!!! LMFAO @this GSPiG Rut Pig!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • I Think its Time to Kill Off My Strawman FredrikA off!!!!!! Bye FredrikA

    • Now, lets see, what were the manipul*tion signals the market makers use?

      Oh yes, it goes like this:
      Lots of 100, 200, and 300 share trades
      100 = I need more shares
      200 = I need shares badly, but do not take it down
      300 = Take the price down so I can load shares
      400 = Keep trading it sideways.
      500 = Gap the stock. This gap can be either up or down depending on the direction of the 500 signal.

      The reality is that there is no reason to trade 100 shares of LODE at $2. It would take you a year just to cover the commission. So it is reasonable assumption that manipul*tion exists in this stock. Now, maybe it is down today because the general price of gold is down, but that doesn't mean there are not others trying drive it further down with small trades on light volume. I have been eaten up by a lot of other stocks with this type of action. So, let the buyer be ware, there are people like Boo Boo trying to get your cash. Be careful who you listen to.. I suggest you listen for facts and forget the BS. Sometimes the facts don't come as quickly as I would like, and it is very hard to wait. I want It now!

    • Did i Mention I Was The Only Person Stupid Enough To Convert My Share TO CERTS!!!! Maybe THATS Why I'm SO ANGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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