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  • elf1168 elf1168 May 16, 2005 2:11 PM Flag

    Uknowho goes beserk

    Holy Mother of Moses. Looking at just the post numbers it seems the Uknownothing is posting big time. Seems like she needed a week off to work her anger up some more.

    I'm very glad to see the stock rise today. I think the second half of the year will be a tad better and will drive the stock back to where it truly belongs.

    The company has ballooned in the last 10 years (especially in the US) and there are a large number of folks who are not needed anymore. I wish Lilly would bite the bullet and get the conmpany back down to fighting weight.
    Yes, there will be some good folks who will leave as well as some dross. Yes, we will probably see, finally, less contractor staff - both overpaid and well-paid. This needs to happen in order to rebuild the bottom line strength that the company needs for the future.

    Go for it Lilly, your'e a great company at heart with some great products in your arsenal.

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    • Elf, I am shocked to read the messages on this board. I agree with you 100%, Lilly is probably the best Pharma there is. Very careful, very caring, Their reputation all these past years is that they hardly ever fire anyone. If the person is not performing well in their assigned area, then they move them to another area. They spend millions of $ in clinical trials, that last about 12 years before a drug is approved or rejected by the FDA. If someone has a deadly reaction to a Lilly Drug, than check all the other Pharma drugs. Not all people have the same make up and one can die from an aspirin if their reaction to it is allergic. I have owned Lilly stock for over 20 years and have made plenty of money on it. These people knocking the stock, should sell it and stop spreading lies about this wonderful American Drug Company. I say, "Good riddance to these stupid people" Please let them SELL LILLY!! yours truly, msmhqueen

    • just put him on block.

      LX-1521 is a novel small molecule compound with potential for treating solid tumor cancers. LX-1521 works by blocking the cell cycle prior to cell division, resulting in cancer cell death through apoptosis. Potential uses of LX-1521 as a cancer therapy include the treatment of breast, prostate, lung, colon, ovarian, renal and pancreatic cancer, as well as melanoma.

      LEXG is the ticker symbol and their website is

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