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  • jbog2001 jbog2001 Jan 23, 2009 3:28 PM Flag

    OT: Politics

    I only have one to say about our current Washington Group, Grow the frig up!!!

    If our President is talking about how John Thain decorated his office it's obvious that Barak doesn't understand the responsibility of his job.

    If congress is more interested how the guys from gm traveled, or about Geithner's nanny they also don't know the severity of their jobs.

    Lets get to work!!

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    • I listened today a republican US Senator from Nevada. He stated that it is necessary to "support" housing prices by reducing mortgages to depreciated home values to speculators who have no desire to pay. WOW.

      Apparently, in f**king US Congress nobody believes in a market-economy. They are fucking incompetent idiots preferring a central Planning system like in old USSR.

      Bottom Line
      Mr. and Ms. America, you have no clue how deep is shit you are in.


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      • Give a poor man a fish and he is fed for a day,
        give a poor man a vote and he expects the government to feed him for life!

        Any government exits on taxes it appropriates from it citizens working in private sectors.
        The more people work for a government, the fewer people are left to pay/support government activities, the more fiat-currency government prints, the more inflation and deterioration of standards of living takes place.

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