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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Mar 22, 2009 9:04 PM Flag

    Considering buying shares in LLY

    ...thank you MeFree49....I think I'll move past LLY and look into other opportunities....Lly appears to be a deeply troubled company at this time.

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    • I wouldn’t take investment advice from mefree.49 who seems to be a certifiable wacko obsessed with imagined clandestine racist bigotry at Lilly which in truth is very far from the reality. See mefree.49's other posts…

      Lilly’s recent quarter loss is attributed to a one time FDA fine for off label promotion of Zyprexa. In terms of future investment, who knows. Lilly will likely do as well or better than most pharmas down the road. The industry in general is hurting due to shrinking pipelines of new drugs, health care reform, and increasing governmental regulation.

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      • It is difficult to tell which one of us is the certified wacko you described because everyone knows that when you argue with a crazy person people reading will not be able to distinguish the difference.

        What certifies you to understand the realities for hundreds of African American employees at Eli Lilly? There allegations seem to speak for themselves. Yeah sure maybe some of them may be exaggerating but it is hard to imagine that ALL of them are.

        Anyway, there is one thing for certain; there was no thin line to the fraud charges Eli Lilly was convicted of in reference to promoting Zyprexa off-label. They flat out were guilty and convicted.

        In fact, this is the worst fraud charges and liabilities from both civil and criminal convictions of any Pharmaceutical company in the industry, ever!

        It seems that it is the Lilly company who are the certified Wackos .

        It is highly true that in addition to the agreed Lilly shrinking pipelines of new drugs, health care reform, and increasing governmental regulation that product law suits, shareholder lawsuits, and employee lawsuits are real concern for investors in Lilly.

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