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  • moonshinewhiskey62 moonshinewhiskey62 Mar 16, 2010 12:28 PM Flag

    $75 Million Lilly Theft$75-million-in-eli-lilly-drugs

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    • I'm waiting for more details on this burglary.
      It is not the value of the stolen meds that worries me, rather the lack of security that made the heist possible.
      Oh, I forgot,, Security was outsourced a long time ago. A $10 per hour guard can ignore a lot of activities and an employee facing the loss of their job due to downsizing can be motivated to do things unexpectected of their character. It sounds as if inside intelligence was involved but we will probably not be privy to the results of the investigation because it is not newsworthy.
      Sorry, but the gov't thinks you are better off being ignorant of the facts!

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      • Don't they have security cameras at all the entrances and exits? This one sounds like Mission Impossible! Imagine the risks involved at so many levels: ninjas on ropes dropping into the place and removing whole pallets of materials? Hey look for athletic, fork-lift driving, truck-driving, security-trained, recently separated workers. Or, recently separated contractors. Or, recent contractors who install security systems. Or, contractors who install closed-circuit video cameras. Or, maybe someone in global security protection.

        So many strange events occur when companies downsize. I seem to recall stories of the American autoworkers taking their toll during the 1970s- nearly every vehicle was a lemon and it wasn't an accident. Is there any accountability anymore?(Answer, well we are not in that business anymore, it's been outsourced to the lowest bidder).

        It must be just awful for the few innocent employees who may have been taking a little break with their significant others at the motel that evening... how to explain this stuff to your husband (or wife or...) how to explain it to your managers? The only similar cases that I have heard about all involved contractors - the Cialis theft in Indianapolis several years ago, and more recently another case in the midwest involving ephedrine waste that was discarded and diverted before it went into the incinerator.

        There was a time when a company like Lilly had such fierce loyalty. How the tide has turned in the worst possible way, except for a very few at the very top, is very mysterious. Add it all up - unlike money or gold or jewels, drugs have expiration dates. So, just finance a dozen detectives to monitor the internet for sales of the stolen drugs - it's very easy to to track this information - usage statistics are all over the place on some topics so obscure that you would never guess how certain relationships exist between connections you never thought existed. Sorry about the vagueness - let's hope they get caught. The though of cancer drugs and anticoagulants getting mixed up with Cialis makes my stomach turn. Well go get them!

        Who would even dream of this kind of stuff? Really this kind of theft could only be possible with the help of a foreign government and a closed society. All it would take is one rumor to nab them! Get one and you have them all - they must have some kind of networking relationship - maybe the gym, country of origin, church mosque or synagogue, Mensa, some professional association, whatever it is it must be big and international. Seems more like Hollywood than reality.

      • Any company making 4 billion dollars in profits(2009)and having 75 million dollars in pharma. product stolen from a Conn. warehouse should use some of its profits to revamp security at important locations and fire the incompetents who thought the security that was in place was adequate.

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