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  • deadairez deadairez Mar 16, 2010 9:52 PM Flag

    Uneven Pricing

    For those of you who have been following the drug industry, what do you make of the uneven pricing charged for drugs in the US, vs. other countries?

    Does your research indicate that the drug companies are charging different amounts for the same drug, depending on the country they're selling to, or is it that the distribution costs account for the disparities?

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    • It is simply ... What will the market bare? Like one of the other posts... capitalism.

      With FDA regulation around distribution, drug companies are able to manage price geographically better than other industries (e.g. an LCD TV's cost is comparable in the US as in other countries). If distribution was less regulated, we might see far lower prices.

      It has nothing to do with distribution costs...

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      • This is the fyture."We first began studying ThermoDox in combination with RFA for liver cancer in a multi-center 24-patient Phase I safety study, with seven patients treated at our institution here in Hong Kong," said Dr. Ronnie T.P. Poon. "Not only did we witness safety and a dose response relationship, but more importantly, at least one of these patients who received the higher dose of ThermoDox continues to be tumor-free three years after treatment, which is remarkable for HCC patients. This initial experience has led me to remain committed to overseeing the Phase III global HCC study, and we expect to complete enrollment this year."

        "Dr. Poon's leadership and contribution to evaluating HCC patients in our Phase I study was instrumental to our pursuit of the Phase III HEAT study," said Michael H. Tardugno, President & Chief Executive Officer of Celsion Corporation. "The remarkable proof of clinical activity seen here leads us to believe ThermoDox has the potential to improve the lives of hundred of thousands of patients suffering from HCC in Asia and throughout the world if ThermoDox is approved."

    • Has absolutely nothing to do with distribution costs and everything thing to do with the American people being GOUGED by big pharma companies like Lilly and their political cronies on the Hill.

      Why the American public is not outraged by this is completely beyond me? If you walked into a grocery store and saw milk for $2 a gallon and I told you that you couldn't buy that milk and had to buy it at a store down the street selling it for $8 a gallon, you'd be up in arms. Drugs across Europe, Canada, Mexico, the Far East, South America, hell everywhere, sell for one-half to one-quarter what the same drug would sell for in the US. This is mainly due to the fact that these places have their governments negotiating prices with the pharma manufacturers and it's usually a take it or leave it deal. So yeah America, I can see why you don't want the government involved in healthcare - you just can't resist being played for fools by the pharma companies out there and their shill politico friends.

      If someone chooses to come back with the "we need to charge these prices to continue to spur innovation argument," you'll really get me fired up!

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      • Has it occurred to you that the median income of many of the nations you mentioned are far less than that of the USA?
        Why does it cost more to buy a house in California than an identical one in, lets say, in Haiti? The answer is Capitalism and I wouldn't have it any other way! Merchants charge as much as they can and still make sales!
        I cannot argue that the price I pay for meds sounds too high but I pay it out of a portion of my income by choice so I can live a more robust and longer life.
        At least I have options. I can either buy my meds, be poorer and live feeling better, or, I can opt out, not buy and die. At least I have that option. Many don't!
        Ideally, if a person has an affliction that available medication can cure or control, then, in a perfect world, they would receive it.
        Unfortunately, it is not a perfect world. People die daily, not from diseases, but from starvation, territary wars and hate!
        We, as human beings have so many other disheartening issues to address for survival of the species that "Healthcare" is a luxery for most!
        For sure, many die prematurely though pharma products have been developed to combat the illness, yet many more die due to the hate, the

    • The strategy with drug companies is to charge as much as insurance companies are willing to pay. Drug price makes no difference to US insurance companies, they will just raise premiums to cover higher prices.

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