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  • rwilson31781 rwilson31781 Jan 23, 2013 1:41 PM Flag

    Why the sharp drop today?

    DES hasn't been manufactured for as long as I've been alive. Also, Bristol-Meyers-Squibb manufactured it, too, as well as other companies.

    TBF, from a strictly legal perspective this makes these cases pretty tough to prove.We're talking a drug taken by women 30 years ago that increases the risk of esoteric cancers (it pretty much did, there's not much debate on that front as these tumors are bizarre). The problem is it's hard to tell what brand, if it was used.

    Expect the usual mass tort suit and a few settlements for the more seriously aggrieved for the sake of common decency/PR. This isn't thalidomide. It's an increased likelihood of cancer, not lifelong handicaps aside from gender dysphoria, which I doubt anyone will sue over. From a legal perspective a single injury is always cheaper than a chronic disabling one or death.

    Again, while from a human perspective, a sad footnote in pharmaceutical history, from the financial perspective, noise.

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    • They settled back on Jan. 9, 2013

      • 1 Reply to jimturner54321
      • Good pick-up on BMY, jim. Thank you, do you happen to have a link?

        I don't own BMY, so I can't say I follow it much, though I'm mildly aware of DES as causing rather specific kinds of vaginal tumors.

        My point with BMY making it too, was it creates confusion. The lawyers will ask, "Which DES did your (deceased) mother get 30, 40, 50 years ago?" followed by, "Can you document that?" As always, they'll also claim their product has no "causal" link to cancer with a straight face.

        I think a lot of older people in the market think Thalidomide when they see stuff like this and panic. Noise. Thalidomide lawsuits were bad because of the disabling, chronic nature of the birth defects it caused. DES causes vaginal tumors. I don't know anything about the breast cancer tumors, though I know that's also at issue. Mass settlement plus some heftier payouts for the more serious instances.

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