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  • Iluvcigars_98 Iluvcigars_98 Feb 20, 1998 12:12 PM Flag

    Lilly hiring

    Lilly's on a hiring binge again in '98 after 3-4 years of downsizing through atrition and golden parachutes. They're looking for 2,000 new employees with 500 in research.

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    • I have worked for Lilly for 26 years, and feel blessed for having had the opportunity. I had been a neighborhood pharmacist
      for 6 years when I made a career change, thinking I would see what the world had to offer, then go buy my on pharmacy. Today, I
      have enough points to retire, but choose to continue for two reasons. First, management has made a great place to work. Second,
      the medications we make, from Humulin to Evista, save lives, and I am proud to be part of that processs. As I see it, being part
      of Lilly allows me to be part of the solution. As for investing, my 401 K is based on LLY, but I have an educational trust for
      my children, 34% of it in LLY. I am considering putting more in a personal IRA right along side my DELL. I hope my confidence
      will help others see a valuable company in a great country. Thanks to all of you, especially Fewbucks26, concerning your trading

    • My Father-in-law worked at Lilly for 40 years. I worked there for 6 years before going into the ministry. It is a great place to work. It is the company to work for.

    • I'd be very interested in knowing what LLY employees and their relatives have to say about the company. They're a hell of a lot closer to the situation then me, and am interested in the corporate culture. Knowledge, of all kinds, is power.

    • let's cut out this "regional carping" and get back to the purpose of this line - that is, LLY investing.

    • I take it that because you are thinking of putting some of your hard-earned cash into this company, that your neighbors have a positive outlook toward LLY's future. Is my assumption correct, or will your decision to invest or not invest be based on other considerations?

    • I am a 20 yr resident of Indpls, worked at IU 18 yrs, have neighbors who currently work at LLY and others who are retired from LLY. I think our dissatisfied, unhappy loginname123456 has applied for and not gotten a job at LLY! I am a very small new investor and I am thinking about moving a small amount into Lilly in March or early April.

      By the way - don't come to work and live in Indpls. You transplants are crowding my neighborhood. The weather is 4-season
      temperate, the traffic rush hours are fabulous compared to even as many as 20 years ago on Chicago's Dan Ryan or Kennedy, etc., the
      crime rate is low, shopping even at Christmas is tollerable, real estate taxes are incrediblly low (compared to at least the
      Chicago area), the symphony is quite good, there are lots of good live theater, urban conditions are improving. Why on earth would
      anyone want to move to boring Indpls when they can live in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Miami, Atlanta,
      etc, etc.

    • Sundaytrader, you are right about the case of loginname123456. Even the "bad apple" was hired by Lilly, I think after they
      find out, that bad apple will be put in and at the bottom of the basket for good anyway. This guy does not know that the working
      environment is quite different now than in the past. It is not a matter that you are an associate or a supervisor, If you are not a
      people person, you are not going to be very successful working in a group, and therefore, no team work, no project will get done as
      well as low work efficiency.
      Thanks for your thoughtfulness, Sundaytrader.

    • Your comment about the Reagan election made me chuckle.
      Humerous analogy.

    • This person is taking a relatively isolated case at Lilly, and extrapolating to the whole company. He may be describing his
      particular situation accurately, but to generalize his tiny world to the big world of Lilly is not valid. Reminds me when I was in grad
      school in Boston and was quite liberal. Most my friends were liberal too. Reagan was running against Dukakis. A friend of mine
      said, "Dukakis is going to win hands-down. I don't know of anybody who is voting for Reagan". He was right about not knowing
      anyone who was voting for Reagan, but wrong about who are next President would be.

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