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  • mrgreen98 mrgreen98 Sep 7, 2000 10:37 AM Flag


    Sell LLY and buy QQQ the Nasdaq 100.

    Al Gore gets through with LLY, $67 will seem like
    the good old days.

    The future is in
    high-tech,not in trying to sell overpriced drugs like Actos and

    The future is in biotechs and the growth of the

    My condolences go out to all LLY stockholders.

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    • Appreciate the cogent note. My point is that now
      the expansion of Medicare will include a new
      entitlement (new entitlements had been anathema to the
      Republican platform until the Dems put them in the hotbox).
      Though there seems to be a means test attached, still
      ALL seniors will get a subsidy from the workong young
      (even multi millionaires) wrong from my
      standpoint...though I am one of the relatively wealthy retirees who
      would gain from the sweat of my childrens brows. The
      less fortunate can be helped now, by the plans already
      in place by the pharmaceutical companies. I used
      these successfully for my patients for years, and no
      request for free medications was ever refused. (cf or, or the government aid could be
      channelled through other agencies, such as Medicaid, and
      thus avoid the inevitable bloated growth that
      invariably follows new Medicare programs.
      Don't really
      get the statement on mandated car insurance. The last
      time I checked, the state wasn't subsidizing premiums
      for anyone. (directly anyway)

    • great advice!! I'm only up 500% on LLY in 8
      years. Ya, I bought some of those wonderful .com
      wonders--one is off 60%, the other MSFT is off 30%. 60-70% of
      nasdaq stocks are 20-30% off this year so GOOD LUCK
      BUDDY--BUY YOUR QQQ--yep, that 80-100 PE is WELL worth it.

      It doesn't matter which puppet wins--1) there will
      be a drug bill 2) Bush will never have price
      controls 3) Alwhore is NO Billyblob (perhaps in lying
      ability but not with the rhetoric or interns) 4) The
      pharma companies learned from the 92 debacle and are
      loaded for bear--they've donated big to both sides in
      Congress (which is who writes and passes the laws) so they
      WILL WIN.

      If Al wins, I'm buying on the big
      dips (LLY and others) and just like the last 8 years,

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