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  • deywar deywar Jun 4, 2001 1:19 PM Flag

    Drug War Will Fall, Like The Berlin Wal

    With Mexico and Canada considering legislation to regulate marijuana, it's just a matter of time when the U.S. will go along. The gig is up with the U.N. too. Other countries have decided not to follow the U.S.'s loony prohibition of "natural" drugs.
    So, upon the regulation and taxation of marijuana, what affect will it have on pharmeceutical houses?

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    • We don't legalize, we regulate. Adults have a difficult time getting drugs like PCP, Ecstacy, etc. That's because kids are the salesmen.
      Our youth are the salesmen because they can't be tried as adults.
      We know if we drive into an urban area of Washington, D.C. we can buy cocaine on the street corner, but we have to go to a liquor store to buy vodka.
      We're spending $1.6 billion for Plan Columbia, but prices for cocaine are constant and availability is secure. The CIA's efforts to interdict are a sham and they should be fired by regulating drugs instead of creating opportunities for organized crime with prohibition.
      What's your solution for reducing demand? We have more than 2,000,000 in prison now.

    • Are you suggesting that pot and cocaine can be/are cures for various diseases and conditions? For example, hemp could be found to be the cure for ED? These illegal drugs have been used (yes, illegally) for years and years and years, and nobody's ever mentioned any potential true health benefits of any of them (okay, perhaps other than paid meds for aids or something). Seems strange that nobody has said anything yet, as I'm sure even legitimate scientists have been trying like hell to produce other "legitimate" reasons to try and legalize pot and other drugs.


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      • We have morphine from the opium poppy and Novacane from coca leaves, but because the U.S. government prevents scientific analysis of these products, we don't know what the potential might be. Also, one can learn over time from wide spread use what potential may exist. Do you have peyote cactus or psilocybin mushrooms available in your home for trial?
        Meanwhile, more than 400 tons of cocaine have made it to within U.S. borders for more than 20 years without fail. Who's fooling who? I think you are the naive one.

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