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  • eightironfrom160 eightironfrom160 Jun 11, 2001 7:44 PM Flag

    Drug Prices

    as usual, good thoughts mutt.

    I actual have consider forming the 'common sense' party. While realizing many issues may difficult to come to some 'common sense' solutions, I think it is VERY clear neither of the majority party approaches problems in search of a solution. Why? Because once we start to solve a problem, why would we need the 'pundints'? Case in point is welfare. Heard much about it lately? Nope b/c we've actually have a solution delivering results.

    The other issue is that the vast majority of Americans realize the value of comprimise and working together daily. I negotiate contracts all day long--I never get everything I want but in politics I'm a moderate bc I believe in finding solutions that meet my principles vs. principles that will never see the light of day. True conservatives would say we are spinnless moderates. Who pushing what agenda? Who has more chance to succeed--ideas which will never see the light of day (pro-life) or reasonable compromise that accomplishes some of the principles ? The pundints won't have a job if the country ever finds common sense solutions to many issues.

    Take drug coverage. Simple common sense solution is to means test it. Dems won't do it bc 1) republican idea 2) they want votes, not drug coverage.

    Anyway, I will say this about Liberterians--I have found them to be the most principled probably bc their principles are pretty simple to apply.

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