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  • ohiomale216 ohiomale216 Apr 26, 2012 11:14 AM Flag


    Like MLK " I Have A Dream "

    Also I do not feel I am all that far off base.

    Vision that all the little carries like PCS Leap Clear Wire and a hand full of others join hands and go after the non contract customers and sell Phones or contracts for Sprint.

    Now that could be a Back Door approach to one of the largest style of mergers that would not need approvel or a large sum of money to pull off also all stay above water make money and be the biggest Nite _ Mare for ATT&T and VZ then they ever Dreamed of .

    Not to forget T-Modil or Dish and other high class carries and cables looking to jump abord.

    That could be the stopper. and a Win Win for Sprint.

    Long on Both S / Clwr

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