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  • phjohnson phjohnson Apr 15, 2010 10:02 AM Flag

    Overdone Down on Earnings Report

    TITN earnings report gave the shorts courage to add to their position. Two bucks down at the open is a bit overdone, seems to me. Good chance that TITN will close today above the open price.

    TITN achieved sales growth and profits during these weak economic times, which is a minor miracle. What can we expect from TITN as the ecomomy strengthens? Shorts will loose their shorts is my prediction. I loaded up on calls this morning. Might see $14 by Friday April 16.

    TITN fair market value $20.

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    • Talbot has declining sales, meager profits, and negative book value, but trades over $15.

      Titan has increased sales, consistent profits, and tangilbe book value. Why the sharp decline on news? TITN earnings report disappointed those expecting a profit of 26 cents. A report of only 19 cents triggers a 15% drop in the stock price--a bit overdone.

      OK--Not the same industry. But, as an investment: TITN should have a higher stock price than TLB.

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      • Here's what happened; they missed on earnings.

        Further; they earned less this last year than in the preceding year. That has implications for earnings growth.

        Further; the notes strongly imply that their revenue growth relies on acquisitions. That is not as good as 'organic' or same store sales growth.

        Finally; they threw the CE guys under the bus. Closing Kalispel, can't wait to see what happens with the Midland locations.

        Not to say they're doing wrong; the ag locations they've bought have mostly improved, but I'm not sure they're as committed to CE, esp. with comments like that. Be really interested to watch what actually happens to absorption. They either sink or swim on that number. Should get more toward 90% than it's current 75% to be successful, at least according to Weber.

        All for now.

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