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  • wilster004 wilster004 Jan 8, 2002 5:31 PM Flag


    JUST PART OF A REPORT I FOUND FROM THE LAST EARNINGS REPORT. OLD TO MOST BUT maybe some of you have not seen it. I think after this next earnings release we will likly be going to higher levels. This is a MANU all over again except we still make money. 50 bucks over the next year if these products get hot is not unreasonable. I am looking for a run up before earnings as this company seems to be heading in the right direction and tends to beat the street. Diamond in the rough situation for sure, but I do think some people already know about it and are massing there shares slowly as I am. COMMENTS WELCOME TO THIS RATHER DEAD BOARD

    Investment Conclusion
    ePlus has created its new business model through a major transformation in its product and service offerings. ePlus has operated for nearly ten years as a sales and finance company focusing on information-technology assets. The new ePlus is using its expertise and network of relationships developed as a finance company specializing in technology to transform its business to participate in the huge opportunities present in the business-to-business e-commerce market. As a measure of the opportunities available within the e-commerce market, GartnerGroup projects that the total e-commerce market will grow to $7.3 trillion by 2004. We conservatively estimate that e-procurement will account for 60% of the overall e-commerce market. Specifically, the new ePlus provides e-procurement services for operating resources via a fully integrated suite of Internet-based solutions called ePlusSuite.

    As the Internet becomes an increasingly preferred channel for business-to-business transactions, Internet-based solutions that add value to these transactions encompass huge market opportunities. The ePlusSuite product delivers value to Internet transactions by creating cost savings and efficiency gains for Internet transactions and reducing the cost of asset ownership through a comprehensive asset-management process. We believe ePlus's advantages include providing a fully integrated comprehensive end-to-end solution, short implementation time, low up-front costs, and no maintenance or upgrade costs. As a remotely hosted Web-based application requiring no on-site software, ePlusSuite installation time is significantly reduced, requiring only three to five weeks as compared to six-plus months for competitors' products. The significantly reduced installation time translates into significantly reduced up-front costs for the customer. In addition, as a remotely hosted application, customer hardware and software maintenance and upgrade costs are eliminated as all modifications are made directly to the hosting Web site. In addition to providing a low-cost and low-maintenance system, ePlusSuite is unique in the marketplace because it provides a fully integrated end-to-end e-procurement solution. Unlike most competitors' solutions, which address one or several components of the supply-chain cycle, ePlusSuite addresses all components of the cycle from automated procurement to asset disposal in one fully integrated package.

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    • Yes, this is a rather dead board. I also feel this is a solid stock to own. Not much downside risk.

      I think part of the problem is marketing the stock. Several years ago Andrew Corp was in a similar situation. Great performance, but no one really followed the stock. Andrew then changed investment banks, to one that proactively promoted Andrew. More shares traded hands and the stock rose for a couple of years.

      Anyway, I think E-Plus could benifit from someone promoting it. Just a thought.


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