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  • hoootie05 hoootie05 Jan 8, 2004 5:46 PM Flag

    Lawyerjasmine: I'll give u one stock

    tip which is practically equal in price with PLUS which I can assure you is going to outperform PLUS, IF, you refer to me from now on as Uncle Hootie.

    Just say Uncle Hootie. Its little price to pay and u can probably make fun of me if it doesn't perform as such.

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    • Risky yes...but it is fun. If you like playing stocks its hard not to short once in a while. However, 2003 was not favorable to me on shorting. I got burned on the gen-tech stocks.

      But I made money yesterday and some today. (shorted MSGI, and SIMGE today). Hopefully I have learned a little over the last year.

      But xorickalco, you are right. You can lose, more than your intial investment if things go bad. I rarely hold a shorted stock more than a few days to avoid a horrible situation.

      ePlus is NOT a short candidate.


    • Hootie, Your subject-verb agreement is that of a third grader;
      "for people who IS keen on technical analysis",
      "a person like jasmine POUNCE on your personal character"

      You get pounced when you bring nothing to the table other than skepticism, something you achieve without exception.

      How's that for objective? (with the proper spelling of "objective," you amateur)

    • Thanks for the explanation, bull. It sounds spot-on to me.

      I have never shorted a stock in my entire life. Some investors say, "God gave you two arms, use both of them. Go long on the way up, and short on the way down." My perspective is this --- if I go long $50,000 on a company my loss is limited to $50,000 but my upside has no limit. I could make a profit of $100,000 or $150,000. However, if I go short $50,000 on a company there is no limit to the losses I may incur if I'm bullheaded.

      Because shorts have so much to lose when they take a position, I respect the risk they are taking and assume they are carrying on massive due diligence. As of December 15th, there are only 7,381 shares short PLUS which is reduced from the previous month's 39,153. They are wising up!

    • As usual, you make no sense. TIP trades at $101 and is an ETF.

      I'm still trying to determine your purpose on this ePlus board other than as a sniper.

      Your strong sell recommendation of ePlus on this board in December was classic. You're already down ~7% in 2 weeks. That's not easy to do. Congratulations on proving to everybody what I already knew. I guess ignorance is bliss.

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