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  • okiedivot okiedivot Oct 25, 2004 3:18 PM Flag

    Why I hold - Part Deux

    One either believes in a company or not. Once one has done all the research possible, the die is cast and it is added(or not) as PART of the portfolio. If one believes in dcth, and has calculated the market and probable unit sales prices, the rest of the calculations are made before buying. This is easier grasped as pps per 10k unit sales (for my feeble brain).

    10,000x$4000 = $40,000,000
    $40,000,000 (x) median price/sales ratio(7.6)=
    $304,000,000 divided by 23 million shares =
    $13.21 pps per 10,000 sales. Of course, this does not account for the huge increase in administrative costs (can't stay at 5 employees forever) or the ever increasing number of perk shares for employees.. Also, there are only 34 real device companies that qualified for my research. If anyone wants to know the company names, let me know and I will type the list.

    I know - you Okie idiot, you did it all backwards! It is certainly easier to do it after the company has sales, but then anyone can read that off the yahoo page without calculation.

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