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  • cbdanielson May 5, 2010 8:12 AM Flag


    I apologize if this has previously been posted.

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    • Nice posting. Excellent background info on chemo drugs etc.

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      • RNAi is not a chemo drug. RNAi is a biologic. It blocks the translation of genes. However question revolves around delivery systems.

        Obviously the RNAi and miRNA companies are working on delivery systems, and delcath could get the RNAi closer to the target organs/cells ( or in this case cancer cells) but the real question is the dosing, wouldn't a course of RNAi have to be administered over many days? Im making the assumption that it would need to be done in pill form or IV, because you simply cant put a patient through that much surgery. It will wreak havoc on their immune system. Not to mention haven't RNAi's had some issues with immune responses. I heard they made some advances in the immune response, but I would assume a combo of surgery and immune response would take a toll.

        RNAi is great but the delivery platforms need to be worked out.
        I think with that I'm going to shut my mouth.
        No intention of bashing or pumping just stating the facts. its just funny to see RNAi here because I was just writing a paper about it an hour and a half ago.

    • The Blog reveals an important issue: the dose-limiting toxicities associated with the PHP System in patients with significant hepatic dysfunction. This Blog provides justification for my position that the PHP System is destined to become an obsolete system before it is considered by the FDA. This makes DCTH a strong sell.

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      • Here from the blog:

        The avoidance of systemic toxicity is also the reason why a recent development in liver cancer has been quite exciting and that is poised , together with surgical resection, to set a newstandard-of-care for many types of liver cancers: a regional therapy for chemotherapeutics (and possibly other agents) that is repeatable and works by isolating the hepatic circulation and thus allows for bathing exclusively the liver in cytotoxic agents. The developer of this drug-device combination, Delcath Systems (ticker: DCTH), has just shown very promising top-line data in a phase III study for melanoma metastatic to the liver (another one of those cases where the liver metastasis is the major cause of mortality) extending hepatic progression free survival from 70 days with ‘best alternative care’ to 217 days with the company’s percutaneous hepatic perfusion system, aka PHP(aka PHP; detailed data to be presented at ASCO in early June; disclosure: DH owns DCTH shares).

        Solar please read carefully. DCTH helps

      • cbdanielson May 5, 2010 8:47 AM Flag

        I do not see this reference to dcth in the article. He must not be too concerned as he is invested in all stocks mentioned.

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