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  • system_architect_enterprise system_architect_enterprise Jun 9, 2010 11:11 AM Flag

    Im out LOST 80% and will file complain with SEC

    SEC will do nothing. Such is the nature of a corrupt market.

    Assholes like Adam F'eurstein are allowed to do whatever they want without hindrance.

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    • We need a class action, lol.

    • If Adam Feurstein can make up accusations, false or other wise, and get away with it, I say we should ALL be able the make up accusations, positively OR negatively about any stock we want to be manipulated!
      WE INDIVIDUAL INVESTORS WOULD BE PUT UNDER THE JAIL for making false accusations that cause investors to lose their funds.
      The HEDGES and Short traders have NOTHING TO LOSE as long as they are schooled properly by the big investment bankers.
      It is a NO LOSE situation!
      If AF is not promptly dismissed from and made to pay repurcussions to Delcath investors, the WallStreet can play with themselves from now on as far as I am concerned!

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      • there you go again hoodie, blaming everyone else except yourself for your own ignorance.

        I have a strong suspicion almost all of your gains here are just about wiped out!

        This is a 45% loss from it's highs as you did just what you did with NXXI as $2!! Remember Mike? lol

      • you live in a free country yet you don't want others to be able to speak their opinion???

        You fools!

        Adam Feurstein can have an opinion and can state it freely. How DARE you fools like hoodlatch use the term "false accusations"

        Tell us Mike in exact words, what "false accusations" should he be prosecuted for?

        You idiots want to live in a free country, and want free speech EXCEPT if it is negative on your pathetic investment??

        The only thing more sick than this is holding NXXI from $2.50 to 4 cents.... now Mike would you know anything about that? Is that a "false accusation"?


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