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  • antsyindapantsy antsyindapantsy Jun 10, 2010 9:39 AM Flag

    Solormano are a hero!

    don't be so modest!

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    • Correction: that should have read 2011 NOT 2010.

    • You are a much better chess player than I. My rating is about 1900, so not a master. I won blackjack & poker tournaments, can beat most computers at scrabble 85% of the time etc. Now, back to DCTH - the way to beat the HF is go long now. I got back in at under $9 and I am putting all those shares away. The rest of you - this is just a message board, not a brain trust. You decide for yourselves what to do. Want to make $ and be rather sure - then buy EWC and hold two years. Want to try to make a bundle with no guarantee of winning, buy DCTH here at $9 and holds until end 2010. My guess is $50 a share by then, buy YOU decide.

    • Interesting...I'm a Master at Postal Chess...Class A to play ICC. Do you play ICC? It is quite addictive. I play alot of bullet chess (1 min each side). One reason I like it is I actually have a chance vs GM's. I've beaten Ulf Andersson, Hendrik Danielson...and a bunch of IM's and a huge group of FM's. Funny how when I tell people chess is wonderful for training the mind's eye it just flies over their head. It's all about patterns and calculations. So true of charts and numbers. On Deucth...I was in the AF when he was appointed...I believe it was during Reagan's era (back in the 80's). I ask people what they might know that can be used to measure one's cognitive skills (daily) that is intrusive and fun? When I tell them chess...their eyes open up. Yes, with chess we can measure our cognitive health. Amazing. This is another huge benefit to speed/bullet chess. Finally, it is one of the most rewarding activities in life. So much fun!!! I also like to play on the Fritz a guest. What's neat about that is you can play folks all over the world...literally. You see their flag and easily identify the country...but of course there is no rating and one cannot chat (got to be a paid member for this...which of course one can do on ICC). I know I've played many, many, GM/IM's on this server and won many of these games too! As you can tell from my response you certainly did hit a button of mine (chess)!!! MSME, Capt, USAF, Ret.

    • As I thought, Solar. You work as an orderly at a convalescent home. You might try to get a GED degree in the meantime when you are not carrying bed pans.

    • As my name indicates, I am of divine origin. My God has commanded me to redistribute the wealth from the haves to the haves not. I have carried out his command. May God be pleased with me!

      The amassing of wealth is a device of the devil.

      Four years ago, one of the elderly women whom I take care of on a regular basis, passed on. A month after she passed on, her lawyer requested my presence in his office. He said, "Sir, do you know ...Weitz...?" I replied in the affirmative. He said, "I prepared ...Weitz... Will, and she has willed her entire estate to you. I asked, "are you serious?" He said, "as serious as 1.77 million in cash, a Condo with an estimated market value of $2 million, and her personal Jewelry." He asked, "what have you done to merit her attention and generosity?" I replied, "I made sure she received at least one hot meal every day; I took her to fine restaurants on special occasions; I took care of her when she was sick; my wife took care of her personal care when her home attendant wasn't available..." He said, "Obviously, you were dear to her heart."

      I sold the Condo and donated the proceeds and cash in the bank to non-profit charities for children with special needs. I kept her personal Jewelry. Think about that for a moment. Say not!

    • Oh I am convinced too that this is likely & if so, we are setting him up to be nailed. I once almost decided to work for Prof John Deucth at MIT. Instead, I ended up at Harvard. Deutch went on to the CIA. He told me, "I play science for keeps." Well, I play investing for keeps. If the game is fair, I tend to win, whether it's stocks, bridge, chess etc. But when the game appears rigged, well you don't want me against you.

    • Cats, I would not waste my time with this MORON. I'm quite certain he is part of the HF conspiracy. No other explanation. Persistent, obnoxious, worthless, patronizing, and lunatic short postings (without defining their positions) are either paid HF peons or psychotic fools.

    • I have millions, I have charities I give to, and I have made plenty of $. I am 70% in bonds - bonds that I bought at par that are now trading at 130 each and earning 8% current yield interest. I bought SGY at 2 when it looked like it was going bankrupt, I bought COT at 1.60 etc, the buys are all documented on the web. DCTH I did not do well on but I bought back yesterday in the 8s. I have sent emails to the Feds to watch all large volume buys and sells in DCTH. Maybe they are you or your friends? Anyway, congrats on your good (seemingly too good) calls. I am a Harvard PhD. I have no idea who you are, nor do I care? Anyway, this stock will head in any direction the hedge funds (could that be you?) take it. All large volume buys or sells will be watched. Have a great day.

    • Oh one lacking knowledge and common sense, Yahoo's message board is replete with my messages. My position remained firm and consistent throughout the recent months. You know not whereof you speak.

      Brother, I can smell the rancor on your breath. Repent, my God is most forgiving and merciful!

    • I am speechless! Actually, my minor cold has evolved into a full-blown flu. Phucke, why did this happen to great guy like me!

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