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  • nancy_physical nancy_physical May 3, 2013 12:32 AM Flag

    Mark this post DTCH will under 0.28 tomorrow.

    Mark this post DTCH will under 0.28 tomorrow. MMs will dump all shares before market open, no one can be get out before that......, tomorrow is Friday. Sell off before market open at 6:30

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • I marked your to it I wrote #$%$. You're wrong, now back under your rock until Sept.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • DCTH is going to have to use the ATM before the stock goes to ziclho. That will kill the stock in two ways: Dilution and completely encourage more selling. Over $2.00 a month ago and possible teens coming in a month or so. I saw this happen to Polymedix, now bankrupt. Well over $1.00 to bankrupt within a year...and they had some promising technology but when you dilute and cannot raise funds it's over.
      Even if Delcath had $100 Million, it would take that to stay alive for another year and continue marketing business in Europe, which they are having MAJOR problems.
      This has been a total Disaster in the last month.
      Now that I think about it, I am not sure I would buy this at .15 cents, Why? Because of the ATM overhang. You CANNOT count on revenues for Europe. Another trial means at least a two year set back and will cost bucco bucks.
      The only prayer is if the FDA would ignore the ADCOM's recommendation and allow approval.
      Then: There is Insurance problems. What insurance is going to pay for this? Delcath said themselves this is a concern and will be dealt with at the right time.
      Just Horrible to see this happen when such a Deadly disease is in DIRE need of something to give those poor souls some extra quality living. It's about LIFE, please FDA do the right thing and accept Delcath's REMs.
      What a sad day for the biotech community.

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      • One other thing: I am sick and tired of hearing Positive Spin (LIES) from CEO's of Biotech's that do not share Everything. We are stock holders and should have the right to know everything, not disscover it through FDA briefing materials. We should have been informed the Good, the Bad and the Ugly...which in this case...there was a lot of Ugly being suppressed.
        We were sold a pig that was dressed up and portrayed to as a beautiful women. You forgot to tell us that it was a PIG though.
        I feel robbed. Shareholders need to know every gosh dang DETAIL that the FDA communicated.
        I guess the ATM should have been a hint when they couldn't get an investor to help out with a cheap public offering. Now, the ATM will just be a life source to pay salaries until this company has to declare bankruptcy.
        The fat lady is warming up. What a shame. I would also like to know the behind the scenes happenings like who they approached to attempt to help with public offering and was refused...that would at least provide clues as to what these investors think, because they know a heck of a lot more than us peons.
        One last thing: A small peon investor should have the right to know everything that the large big boys do. DCTH knew that their backbone was the small investors; well you just broke your back.

    • I guess Hobbs can buy all the cash with this price and still got 20 million cash left to pay himself.

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