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  • ContraIndicator ContraIndicator Apr 23, 2002 5:32 PM Flag

    Chronology of announcements

    I see that the "Recent News" under FB's vitals refer to "results being reported Tuesday 4/23."
    There is also a reference to an "earnings call" Wednesday (4/24) morning.

    Given the way FB pulled back today, this is a guessing game as to whether it will open lower, higher, bad news/good news, pullback, appreciate, etc. All I know is that I keep on underguessing this stock's price and tomorrow I'll probably guess wrong on either side!

    I can make an argument for either direction. I just don't know why this stock pulled back today. I haven't seen much discussion on this board on the role that the earnings announcement will have on the price movement of the stock tomorrow.

    RE msg 867 on CMO, this stock's earnings seem to be of questionable appreciation. Returning 29%?? I thought FB's and NLY's return of 16 and 17% were good backed with revenue appreciation support. Doesn't look that way to me about CMO. But I'd trust bonddaddy's advice.