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  • ContraIndicator ContraIndicator Jul 2, 2002 7:08 PM Flag

    the bottom did not fall out of MB REITs

    The potential for all-out panic selling was here today, considering yesterday's weakness.
    The selling started again today, but as wel all saw, some buyers came in and there was a bottom in all our favorites. Some only had mild drops today.

    Considering the appreciation the past year, and with some REITs, day after day appreciation for months (RAS, AXM), and huge appreciation in one (NFI), the correction the past two days was not the end of the earth.

    Time will tell, whether what we witnessed the past two days was just manipulation (PS ... can't the SEC investigate firms that upgrade and downgrade and see the relationship they play with their trading prior to their announcements? Maybe these guys are the next ones to be held up under the light and flogged, rightly so), scaring the samll investor, and procedural shifting of shares by institutions, not having anything to do with the long-term trend of these stocks?

    Bond_dadddy and some other posters help to give us a restored sense of perspective on the market amidst the chaos, craziness, and "expert" advice from the media. The task will be to trade on our sense of information being wise, not based on emotional scare tactics, and shenanigans whose lifespan is temporary.