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  • davieswatson davieswatson Feb 1, 2012 10:24 AM Flag

    When is the data on Neo-306 & 309 going to be announced?

    So, I am feeling negetive this morning. I am glad to see it up, but I am worried that the FDA will mess with us. Meaning that they will only look at this drug/process as a deadline, and not really care what is can do, or how it can help people. I truly believe that is an organization with a MASSIVE ego, and they have NO PROBLEM denying a drug...just becuase they can...I even feel they have a track record of doing it...

    They really have no vested interest in "denying" this "asking for more information."

    I am guessing a lot of you will say, "There is always the chance," but anything to give me hope ABOVE what we already know??

    We have jumped through all the hoops that they asked..we have done the little poodle dance, and we should be all set....but I still seem to have a knack for jumping whole hog into stocks that the FDA is flexing their muscle against...

    sorry for the downer..any thoughts??

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    • All bios have risk. The thing that tipped the scales in NEOPs favor when I bought in was that they hired George Mills to deal with FDA. Dr. Mills was the past director of FDA imaging division and has a lot of respect at his old office. He has said many times that the company did the right trials and that everything is in order for approval.

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