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  • jcisar_05478 jcisar_05478 Sep 13, 2012 10:33 PM Flag

    SEC Form 4 show NAVB Directors made open maket purchases

    Directors don't throw down $20K of good money after bad money by buying shares on the open market. Insiders know the company is taking care of the manufacturing issue, and the stock is oversold and will rebound soon. Nothing on the SEC Form 4's indicates an exercise of an non open market award. Look for yourselves.

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    • This isn't exactly what NAVB investors wanted to see, its only a few shares. Where are the others? Are they restricted from buying? We want to see much more insider purchase. Come on NAVB management!!!!!! Is anyone home?

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    • i think its a sign of good thongs to come and soon

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • However, insiders will throw down a miniscule $20,000 of good money for publicity so people who watch them will pick up on it, inflate the price, just in advance of doing a secondary share offering.

      Look at the financials - company needs a cash infusion soon. This is simply the precursor.

      Maybe this is a way to invest - watch for companies in this space which are running low on cash, insiders begin to make purchase wanting to bid the price up for coming share offering.

      However, if $20k is your threshold for insiders making purchases, then you probably want to look at OPK where the CEO has thrown down $millions a week, purchasing shares every day...unfortunately that hasn't helped the stock.

      Personally, I have no ownership/interest in this company/stock (seems overvalued with only $345k sales but $250 million valuation) nor OPK (nearly as ridiculous valuation), just commenting on the insider purchase filings which showed up on a report for me this morning.

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