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  • finalscore4boys4us finalscore4boys4us Dec 31, 2012 8:21 PM Flag

    e 0099

    go back and re-read what i i said learn to read....nowhere does the words i predict appear in the post...... give your high school diploma back you dont deserve it.

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    • noscore.... stop with the defense. You are playing with things as you clearly did say that we would see a lower price. Just because you used a word of "may" does not dismiss your message of NAVB heading lower for the reasons you stated (double whammy). You are a knucklehead idiot trying to put things on other people to take the focus off your continued idiot statements such as the one below!! You are an idiot and a dummy, period!!

      "there may be one more low 2.00 area of buying oppertunity. we kinda have a double whammy coming to the over all market, monday being last oppertunity to sell for taxes and the fiscal cliff deal not being reached. if both occur we could see a nice sell off and a great buying oppurtunity."

      LMAO at noscore, saying we are going lower and NAVB was up 5%+ / 14 cents to $2.83 nothing close to "low $2.00" as he states above due to a double whammy with last chance to sell for taxes and the fiscal cliff deal and the "oppertunity" (can't even spell and he spelled it incorrectly 2 different ways so not even a typo). LOL, what a dummy!!

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      • Equities:being that "noscore" was pegged again(for the umpteenth time!) by genonej, said "pegging" highlighted by sumfunlou, and summarily diagnosed(quite accurately by you i might add) as an idiot bashing, ebonic communicating, and urban trash miscreant, it is evident that a further evisceration/excoriation by you(and other posters/longs as well) is a waste of valuable time. i for one look forward to your timely/intuitive posts(including as well those posts by Lou, Genonej, Techread, Neers87, WeedwackerSam, iwin, numerous other longs) as NAVB enters into 2013 with the wind at her back. all this highly probable and anticipated success as measured by the p.p.s. is what we are here for. GLTALs and HAOILI MAKAHIKI HOU!

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