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  • d.ssss d.ssss Feb 20, 2013 2:51 PM Flag

    Who is selling down here

    Nothing but sells all day long on what news? Lack of news is reason to sell. OK. Phukking idiot sellers or dilution. If the company is that stupid to dilute into hell, they deserve to get rejected by the FDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Shorts are selling shares to themselves trying to cause a panic. They will do this to steal shares to cover and then run the price up to make money. They have over 2 more months to manipulate this stock and they will do it.

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      • To be honest, I got in because I expected an early run up of PPS. Kinda the last time in June/July last year. Well, the shorts and the MMs outsmarted this kind of action and ran the price down 2 months befoe the FDA decision date. Well, for those who can not weght two more months, too bad. I can. And I am gonna weght to see to what point the MMs will dare to play that game. And I may try to take advantage of their game. Bottom line is, this stock is a winner and sooner or later the longs will be rewarded big.

      • Agreed, this is just sick... It isn't honest. Word has to get out that high short interest also means that a stock is poisoned and shouldn't be touched. What can NAVB do? They can have the greatest medicines, and a promising pipeline, but their stock doesn't reflect the company. It's like we're buying fake Gucci and now finding out that it's fake.

      • So right! Hey d.ssss, the ride is very likely to get much bumpier over the next 60 days or so. You won't see dilution from the company. Shorts used to love that theme. 50mil line of credit shut them up on that front. We also may have to wait until we see revenues start to roll in from initial sales. I know this has been mentioned by others here and the OT board but the market is fickle and may have baked approval in. I think shorts will make one last big run to hammer the SP within a two weeks either way of April 30. Been long for so long! GLTA.

      • you think in 2 months this will stop you are wrong it wont stop till revenues come in fda approval wont do it

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