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  • nanotech_zinc nanotech_zinc Apr 8, 2013 9:48 AM Flag

    “We continue to be very supportive of Navidea and its management team,” said Michael M. Goldberg, M.D., Montaur’s portfolio manager.

    “We recently funded the first $2 million of an overall $50 million debt-based facility we have in place to ensure that Navidea remains well-funded through the launch of its Lymphoseek product. Our continued funding is designed to ensure that Navidea has the resources to continue its ongoing development of its pipeline products while making certain it is fully prepared to launch Lymphoseek as soon as it is approved. We are confident that Lymphoseek will be rapidly adopted by the medical community as soon as it is approved by the FDA as we believe it provides a clear benefit to patients. We remain optimistic about Navidea’s recent progress and look forward to the continuing development of their exciting pipeline of precision diagnostic agents.”

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    • I like to think that I'm a reasonably successful trader, as well good at investing in solid companies. But I have have to admit I was not as good as the guy who made these trades. Maybe it's the same guy that "accidentaly" converted 10M of his prefered shares a month earlier when the SP was a buck higher? Or, maybe he was just one of those idiots who got scared out of his shares by the "shorts" after they dropped the SP from 4.75 to 3.75? Or, maybe just a foolish long who wasn't patient and didn't hold firm, and sold too soon? Or, Maybe just some lucky guy named Oliver....

      09/04/2012 S 205,521 D $ 3.8 7,266,847 D
      09/05/2012 S 64,900 D $ 3.78 7,201,947 D
      09/06/2012 S 2,200 D $ 3.71 7,199,747 D
      09/07/2012 S 118,731 D $ 3.61 7,081,016 D
      09/10/2012 S 20,500 D $ 3.75 7,060,516 D
      09/10/2012 S 269,919 D $ 3.69 6,790,597 D

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    • This statement is 100% true and accurate. They clearly, IMO, have one of the best PR writers. Maybe I'm a top candidate for the 4694 trials, my apoligies if I am, but isn't this the same guy who was selling 100's of thousands of shares only 2-4 days ahead of the September 2012 PDUFA decision? Is he the same guy who trades the derivaitves market to fund loan draws? Guess I missed those PR's. I 100% agree with Mike...and outlook on Navidea....that's why I'm here....and why I'm staying.

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