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  • palantir777 palantir777 Apr 9, 2013 7:25 AM Flag

    Platinum Partners Value Arbitrage Fund:Platinum Partners(by Kris Devasabi 2/1/2011)

    in Uri Landesman`s own words:
    "Landesman joined Platinum in early 2010 after spending 25 years in the long-only business. Also a graduate of Yeshiva University, he started his career as an analyst at Sanford C Bernstein, working for the legendary value investor Lew Sanders, before going on to run multi-billion dollar equity portfolios for Federated Investors and JP Morgan. More recently Landesman was head of global growth strategies for ING Investment Management Americas.
    Landesman has an interesting take on the hedge fund business. He quit ING to join Platinum in 2010 after growing disillusioned with the world of long-only investing.
    “I was in the long-only business for more than 25 years and for the last 11 of those years the equity market returned zero. I realised I couldn’t be satisfied on a professional level in long-only and that I had to find something that offered better returns for investors.
    The decision to join Platinum Partners was a vote against long-only investing and an endorsement of the diversification and non-correlation benefits of hedge funds,” says Landesman.
    Platinum employs a multi-strategy model and invests across a wide range of non-correlated asset classes and strategies. The emphasis is on diversification, market neutrality and downside protection. Platinum is also open to innovative ideas and is willing to invest in unconventional strategies that offer asymmetric returns on the upside."
    without PM there is no NAVB and the eventual payout that longs such as i(13+yrs.!) believe is a foregone conclusion. none the less it boggles the mind when proof is provided relative to PM`s (asymetric)strategy in pursuit of profits that longs are so frightened at the prospect of hedging(INSURANCE!). nothing diabolical here rather proof and clarity.

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    • Palantir - Let the others wonder why they are taken for a ride. I think it's time for them to continue paying the price for lack of DD. I for one believe that NAVB value will open up when PM shares are mostly cleared out from their books. This may take couple more years, but oh well. Couple more major news between now and March 2014 and we will see NAVB struggle to pass $5.00 again.

      We continue to see shorts sit on their short position that high as they can without major cost to them.

      Sqeeze will not happened until there is clarity.


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    • In Dr; Goldbergs own words on June 23, 2010.

      '''' I believe this stock will be valued in excess of ten dollars per share after lymphoseek penetrates the US market ''''

      Suck on that palantir and other shorts

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      • 1 Reply to guilder.pond
      • You Guilder.pond have been on this board all of 3 months vs. palantir for 2+ YEARS. And, Palantir provides proof of what PM does with investments - shorting, selling on volume, long-term hold. Yes, $10 a share but a long way from it now and they will make money along the way and they HAVE to sell a lot of shares as they have owned 55+ million and are now down to around 38 million shares. What do you suppose they did with those previously owned shares? Do you think they want to own that many shares and lock up the money that long on those many shares? No! Do you think other institutional investment companies may be reluctant to invest when one investment company owns 35% of the company? Yes!

        Get your head out of your rectum guilder.pond and other sheep!!!

        Suck on that guilder.pond. You don't even know what a short is. Heck, Palantir has been a long since 1999 and has grown his numerous number of shares owned. And you call him a short. Shows how much you know!!! Nothing!!!

        Get lost loser and you prove how much a loser you are with your own words and posts!!

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