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  • mdb4403 mdb4403 May 19, 2013 6:24 PM Flag

    If management wanted to rid themselves of the short sale problem all they have to do....

    is have Cardinal come out with a statement that says lympho is selling at or above expectations. That's all. The price will shoot right up. The fact that they don't do that tells me something not positive for the stock.

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    • mdb4403 - First, what expectation? Second, did the management give any sales outlook/guidance? Third, how would we know if the numbers they announce is good of bad without guidance?

      Also by the way Cardinal is the distributor of Isosulfan Blue Dye and Sulfur Colloid as well and they should have the numbers right? One problem is that both of those product is owned by private company and Cardinal would not state NAVB took away those product 40% sales.

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      • 1 Reply to who_dat75
      • Your point is well taken and that is exactly my point. My original post was merely as message to the non stop complainers about the short selling. The premise of short sellers and the reason why this stock has not moved after approval of Lympho is that the market for the drug is much smaller than people think. My point was that if management wanted to fight the short sellers (and some companies do) they would be more agressive with disclosing what their expectations are and how sales are going. Look if internally management only thinks it will sell 10million of Lypmpho per quarter than that's a problem. Right. They haven't given any guidance as to what they think they will sell.

    • I am sure management wants to unleash good sales data, but they cannot release unaudited financial statements to stir up the pot. Internal pharmacy direct sales reports are coming in every day, but they are not scrutinized for public release. There is still the old fashioned visit to a pharmacy if somebody really want to know, or maybe check the value of inventory levels if it can be dug out of any statements. I wish they released some interims like the grande olde days, but we may not see it...

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    • Name one distributor that came out and said a product was selling like hotcakes just 2 weeks after they launched it, Talk about class action lawsuit lawsuit material, that would be it. They have Reg FD for a reason. Fools like you clearly don't understand.

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    • Really??!?! It's THAT easy??? Wow!
      It's obvious why you're a yahoo poster and not a CEO of a public company. LOL

      Stupid is as stupid posts.

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      • 1 Reply to byte.me364
      • Ahh. HMM. I'm not sure who you are or what your credentials are but I assure you I would take my credentials over yours.. The reality is there is nothing illegal or improper about a public company disclosing FACTUAL sales figures or contracts and if done with proper disclosures there is NO liability for doing so. That's not to say an idiot like you wouldn't sue them but you can't stop idiots from doing idiotic things. Why is is that Boeing can announce a 14 billion dollar contract in mid quarter with some airlines but NAVB can't say they sold 500K worth of lymphoseek in the first month. Why is is that GE can announce they procured a 2 billion dollar contract to build jet engines for Boeing or a nuclear facility in Europe but NAVB can't disclose that it sold 200K of Lymphoseek in the first month. Why is is that CSCO can announce a billion dollar contract with the govt mid quarter but NAVB can;t announce 100K worth of sales of Lympho in the first month without getting sued or breaking the securities laws. Why is it that CTXS can announce a contract with European banks for the instillation of their citrix server for 100s of millions of dollars but NAVB can't say one thing about their sales without getting sued.

        The reality is you don't know what you are talking about. It's true companies avoid making statements at certain so called "Quiet Periods" (which to his credit sagoetc properly noted really have nothing to do with quiet periods as defined by the SEC which deal with periods after a company files a registration statement - but rather fair disclosure rules) but this is done out of an abundance of caution. Again factual statements about sales with proper disclosure and disclaimer won't subject a company to any type of liability.

        Of course im sure Messers Chambers, Immolt and Tempelton who authorized their public companies to make the statements I identified about know not what they do and have yet to get your sage advice. You are long NAVB after all

    • trevort May 19, 2013 7:15 PM Flag

      and mgt is not even buying

    • It is not that simple. You can't just make stmts without risks of misleading investors and the market. Most companies just stay with the qtrly reporting process to avoid legal issues that can happen due to such stmts you are referring to.

      You are either very naïve or just not too sharp as this is a ridiculous stmt by you. Or, you are attempting a silly bash.

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