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  • moneyonomics moneyonomics Jun 22, 2013 3:23 PM Flag

    LS market penetration ~85% of U.S. hospitals use Cardinals products and services

    so market penetration from a contact view should be quick, question is physician/radiologists desire to use it

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    • I just tell you what i was told by the director of breast surgery of a very famous hospital
      LS improves only the logistics of it since we never missed a positive node with our current method"
      The boss of nuclear medicine simply said: no.
      Of course there are thousands of hospital but hmmm. If i can sell at a profit i will

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      • Breast Cancer runs in my family... I can say as a fact that the more lymph nodes that are taken out the MORE prone a women is to infection.. A lot of surgeons will remove more nodes than needed just as a precaution. If there is a more accurate method to give the surgeon the confidence not to remove more than needed, it WILL be used.

      • artee would you at least name the hospital? it would be a valuable service, you would not be violating any confidentiality of a person and it seems the least you can do to protect others

      • All I can say is, "the director of breast surgery of a very famous hospital" that you speak of must not be a very good director if he/she is willing to remove a bunch of lymph nodes that do not need removing because of inaccurate mapping with "current method". One of the things I like about Lymphoseek is that it is so accurate, only the lymph nodes that are affected need be removed. Your "current method" causes a significant increase in morbidity over the use of Lymphoseek.

        I guess that folks like you and your famous hospital director of breast surgery don't think decreased morbidity is important!!

        Oh, by the way, tell your very famous director of surgery that Lymphoseek offers many other advantages over the current method.


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      • artee or and actually pup-puta el majadero poquito: on your part another pathetically transparent, insipidly inept bash by you as this board's derelict playing at being an imbecilic moron. "a director of breast surgery of a very famous hospital"(no name for this make believe director and hospital)(:-). this obviously apparent juvenile bash is simply a falsehood. there is no director of breast surgery for any hospital only r.n. coordinators of surgery for SUB SPECIALTIES such as plastic/cosmetic (in that there is no breast surgery dedicated director, dufus), oncology, CV, vascular, thoracic, etc..... there are also medical directors that will/would not share processes/protocols for surgery due to reasons of competition(if they did said md. would ABSOLUTELY lose their hospital privileges ) to a low rent skidmark such as artee/pup-pathetic. these bashers via their obvious bashing falsehoods are absolutely transparent, unrealistically juvenile, and nothing short of hilarious. very lame and all so LOL!

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    • Cardinal health is THE 800 pound gorilla in the nuclear med biz

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