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  • twoballsandadickmakes3 twoballsandadickmakes3 Jun 28, 2013 4:24 PM Flag

    After reading this lastest loan amendment

    Looks like the price of this stock will retreat back down to $2.49 or lower again. I sure am glad I sold those 10,495 shares today at $2.66-$2.67. I will be buying them back next week under $2.50 for sure. I may even sell some of my core position (17,500 shares) on Monday if I can get mid/high $2.60's. I have about 9000 shares of those at the $2.41-$2.43 level. That way I could sell 20,000 shares instead of just 10,500-11,000. It would be a lot harder to sell 20,000 shares but I might at well take the $2000-$2500 profit and buy them back in the low $2.50's or high $2.40's again. Even if I don't trade those 9000 shares.

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    • Nice job and good strategy. Seems like it is paying off...keep doing it as the price is going up based upon your influence. Why not try selling 4000 shares tomorrow and 200 shares a day for the next several days while at the same time buying 500 shares unless you elect to hold and buy more while selling, but do 2500 shares rather than 3000 unless more or less in which case sell what you buy unless you hold. I think it is working.

    • Good catch on selling at 2.66.

    • "after reading this latest loan amendment looks like the price of this stock will retreat back down to 2.49 or lower again" . what PARTICULARS did you read that lead you to that conclusion. Please share how you reached such a conclusion from pm and navideas recent change .

    • The thing is to balls, no one cares about your stupid little trades. Why do you keep posting?

      Most of us are in this position for real gains, not a few grand, possibly missing the big run up.

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    • dildobuyer Jun 28, 2013 6:39 PM Flag

      How can you sell something today that you already posted you sold at least five other times. Every time it goes up a dime you post that you sold and will buy back at $X. You are a short imo.

    • Oh yea check yesterdays post You also sold them yesterday. I dont disagree with the trading but why the boasting? If you want credibility post BEFORE you place the trade. I can be a genius after the fact too! TV

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      • You better go back and re-read that post. I do post my trades before they are traded. Go back and read the post. I put my bid in at 6000 shares yesterday at $2.66 when the stock was at BID $2..62 ASK $2.63 20 minutes before the end of the day. Those 6000 sold at 13:59 and 32 sec (28 seconds before the close). Today, I sold 4395 shares at $2.67. The more you guy post, the dumber you look. I am beginning to wonder if people like you have any reading comprehension at all.

    • Bravo. Your one of the saviest traders ever. I only wish I was that savy.but oh well!

    • Your like three balls and no #$%$ makes four ----wack job--otherwise cheers---jimmie

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    • so if I understand you are like the little boys whistling in the dark to make noise because he is scared to death. how did you like that volume at the finish today as it went green? lol

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      • How many times does that have to happen, and still go down in price the next couple days, before it sinks in?
        I have lost track on how many times that has happened. It takes BALLS to trade a stock like this when you know sometime they are going to let it go. The problem is that the shorts have shorted too many shares to cover. They have to play this game over and over again to try to accumulate shares to sell to themselves for profit. It has not been working too well because the shorted shares has only gone down from 25.7 million down to 24.5 million shares. (I don't know if these are exact numbers). If they can pick up 10-15 cents on a couple hundred thousand shares each time, It makes them money and allows them to get more shares next time. They can play this game once a week and sometimes twice a week. They are banking profits and when they figure they have made enough money on this manipulated stock price, and have accumulated enough shares to make a profit while selling shares to themselves covering some of their shorted shares at a profit, the last few million shares may be bought at break even prices or a small loss. They have shorted shares at over $4.25, $4.00, $3.50 and $3.00. They will let this run when they can make a profit all the way up.

      • The volume after the close was the Russell Rebalance.

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