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  • twoballsandadickmakes3 twoballsandadickmakes3 Jul 23, 2013 12:23 PM Flag

    Already looking for a selling point

    Should be at $3.14-$3.15 and another buy in at around $3.08-$3.09 tomorrow. $3.15 gives me about a $600-$630 gain and will allow me about $2000 in buying power. Those 6900 shares will turn into 7500 hopefully by tomorrow. This is getting to be so much fun, I hope it will last until just before the CC when I figure the shorts will attack the price one more time. Hopefully they will announce the date a week ahead of time and not just announce results. Inside information will surely be leaked.

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    • It's so much fun you're now down 621 dollars from 3 hours ago. Gonna dump or pay margin costs on that? At 9%, that's like 5 dollars/day.

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      • Why would I sell now?
        This is not this first time the stock went down after I bought it. I even told everyone here that this was going to happen. The option traders were not going to lose that money. I will sell tomorrow or the next day, it really does not matter. I sold 1600 shares of my SYNM and bought 4000 shares in my cash account. I have 6900 at $3.06 in my margin account, another 2100 in a IRA at $3.04 and 4000 in my my other cash account at $2.97. Today, I broke my own rules and it cost me. I have been buying and selling in the last 5 minutes and it was working fine for me. I changed my routine and paid an extra $650 for those shares, (if you use the closing price of $2.98) but, I will find out soon if it is really going to cost me on those other 6100 shares..
        NO BIG DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was up over $3500 before this.

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