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  • neoncrush69 neoncrush69 Aug 12, 2013 1:32 PM Flag

    The Euro partnership will happen in September...

    I have a feeling that NAVB will offer great news from month-to-month leading to 2014. I figured that the pps will rise in accordance to the news because there's nothing that's stopping NAVB from making money. Based on the earnings call, the mgmt. is working hard to expand the use of Lymphoseek worldwide, plus getting its reimbursement asap. They have a European partner in mind based on the demographics in Europe. So I believe that September will be the earliest to provide an update for the European partnership.

    October will be the results of the NAV4694 and NAV5001. November will of course be the Q3 earnings call, so more updates on Lymphoseek and the upcoming EMA approval. December will be the game-changer because that's when we will get the sNDA submission for head-and neck, that's when we get the news from the EMA approval, and finally, that's when the "Santa Claus" rally will begin.

    So really, the bottom line is, there is nothing NAVB can do but to sit back and relax and let Lymphoseek be a cash cow for them for years to come! New standard-of-care people! GLTA!

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    • Your thoughts on...." I figured that the pps will rise in accordance to the news", really depends on PM's, per their history, of continued selling on news events. If they (PM), continues to sell on news events like they have been doing, NAVB will have a hard time with the PPS rising as you suggest. The interest in buying the stock occurs with news events but PM is consistently been there to sell on that volume buying and, therefore, the PPS has not moved up as many have expected or anticipated. Not fun for the Longs but it is what has happened and the reason for so many good news events, yet, no upward price movement. Even as the short interest has fallen which means the shorts did not sell. Several ways to sell - sell via shorting, sell via selling your own shares, and options.

      I do agree that late this year an early 2014, we have some good news events happening but whether it causes the PPS to rise depends on selling volume vs buying volume and PM has a lot of fire power and wants to liquidate some of their investment in NAVB for profit taking (to show good results to their investors) and to invest in other opportunities and for diversification. Some people don't seem to understand that investors, including PM, need to take profits for lots of reasons; profits, cash for other investments, diversification, etc. I guess some might call PM bashers for the need and desire to sell as they manage their investments, lol.


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      • you are right if they continue to sell the stock wont move up as much just a fact that many pumpers are in denial about

      • True, but eventually...the market will recognize that NAVB is undervalued...$5/share is the price target, but I believe with the NAV4694 coming and worldwide expansion of Lymphoseek should propel the stock to at least $7/share, which is the average price target. I am still holding to my GTC sell order at $10/share...and I think it will happen soon, maybe December (early Christmas gift)!

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      • Not saying PM is trying to sell all their NAVB shares but a good chunk as they have demonstrated. I would guess their target to be 10% or a little below which means they have to sell 20+ million shares over time. But the reason for them selling is to gain profits, cash to invest elsewhere, and to maintain some level of diversification. The maintaining of 10% is because NAVB is a good investment long-term and they want to be a part of that but they likely never intended to let 50 million or even 30 million shares ride for several years to come with so many other investment opportunities and the need to make real profits and to be responsible diversified. All IMO, of course.

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    • Nice post crush. EMA approval could come as early as October. They submitted in December and it is a ten month review. We could get an early Christmas.

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