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  • palantir777 palantir777 Aug 15, 2013 1:48 PM Flag

    NASDAQ reported total outstanding common at 121 million, should be 114million+- if conversion took place instead of a sell

    if the pm shills/tools are correct that 7.63million common shares were converted to preferred then why has the reported total common outstanding gone up instead of going down 7.63million? if the pm shilld/tools are correct then the total outstanding common should be 114million+-. shills/tools busy little bees that are wrong and easily proven so.

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    • postshawn499 Aug 15, 2013 2:18 PM Flag

      You're the biggest shill on this board. You insult anyone that disagrees with you and pump pump pump. If you spent time studying the company you would be better off. Me, I will continue to add on dips.

    • Palantir - The 7.7 million warrant are not counted towards the Outstanding Shares until it is "Exercise". Based on June 25th amendment, Series AA for 2.4 million and Series X for 5.3 million was exercise into P-Shares and now counted towards outstanding the shares.

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    • Heck, the OTL and NAVB MBs aren't in denial. You don' see them arguing about the fact that PM sold these shares. Only on the Yahoo MB by all the yahoos (shills, tools, sheep). Notice they know the truth that PM sold and aren't debating it or arguing it.

      The reports shows PM has no (zero) common shares now. None! Where did they go? Oh, they were converted to PS per the shills but yet the outstanding Commons Shares has grown to 121 million not shrunk to 114 million. So the shills, tools, sheep try to come up with something else to keep from the factual truth, lol.

      So funny

    • Proven they are wrong over and over and over and over and over.

      True, the outstanding common stock shares has grown not decreased but with their theory or opinion it would have gone down as stated above. Shills and tools just won't let it go and then you have the sheep on this MB following the shills and tools. So funny! Heck, you could have PM do a full presentation with their selling showing their selling and posters on this MB would still come up with BS about how they aren't selling. LOL

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